crossing paradise - a gloomy day in Yangshuo

a gloomy day 
yangshuo, guangxi, china
september 2016

perhaps, it was my least favourite part of the journey. despite our effort waking up that early, preparing the breakfast etc. and the early morning ride to this part of yangshuo, the day turned out to be a gloomy one. it was raining and there was no moment of golden sunset to be memograph. the rain finally stopped, but it was still cloudy.

we had our breakfast at the river bank, and then wandered around, crossing the old bridge, trying to find the best angle and light to at least make our trip worth. we got bored, and then decided to leave the place and proceed with our next plan - the bicycle ride around the village.

honestly, my memory of these moments is as gloomy as the day. i barely shoot, but just enjoying the ride while listening to the dramas and jokes of my travel buddies.



  1. Gloomy gloomy pun cantik.

    I went to Windermere the other day, dah lah gloomy, foggy lagi. Apa pun tak nampak! haha


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