crossing paradise - Longji ... the nine dragons and five tigers

morning at longji
longsheng, guangxi, china
august 2016

the night ended early for most of us. other than lina being the only girl, all the boys stayed up for the photo-critics session. it was a good session for me personally, as listening to jimmy explaining the elements of AOS in our photos. well...most of us like me, didn't aware that by understanding the basics, we'd bring out the best of the moment that we were trying to capture. we bid farewell to the night, after more than an hour, discussing about the photo.

it was cold up there and we had a good sleep, hence able to recover our energy that drained by the long day, especially the hiking to our hotel. a deep good sleep, didn't need a longer hour, as i was able to wake up as my alarm rang, without any effort...other than freezing to touch the water for cleaning up myself and wudhu. 
i heard the boys' voices as the first light of the day appeared from the east. i went out at the balcony and saw zuky's and dudu already at setting up their gear to capture the sunrise, while abg fathul and abg man decided to photograph the moment from their balcony. i took my gear, as decided to join zuky and dudu.

the tripod was now set, and we began the day with shooting the sunrise from our hotel.
the later part of the day was spent wandering around the village, after we done with our photo-shoot session with the locals.

enjoy the pics!


  1. cantik gile view ni...dari tingkap hotel pulak, kalau aku mau 3 jam lepak tepi tingkap sesaja hehe

    1. yeap...sgt best..kitaorg pun suke gile lepak2..and layan view nih masa kat sana

  2. Cantik! Hopefully I can go here one day hehe. love the view.

    1. hehe..yeap. beautiful fida..shud go :)


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