crossing paradise - Longji ... music from paradise

music from paradise
longji rice terraces
longsheng, guangxi, china
august 2016

one of the days when we were at Longji. we woke up early morning, when it was still dark, and had our morning hike to the view point to see these iconic 'music from paradise' of this rice terraces. the trail, wasn't that hard as we were actually just passing the locals houses, and there was a bit here and there steep trail that we had to deal.

there was sort of a platform, built next to trail that we walked. i wasn't that sure whether as part of the on-going construction, or as the place for visitors to view the place. we stopped there, and then start to set up our tripod and gear as the earliest light of the day started to shine.

i couldn't recall how much frames that i took, but it was plenty, as i felt that every seconds there worth to memo-graph.

i was shooting raw, and i am impressed with the amount of details that my a7ii managed to captured despite a wide range of light latitude you had to deal with, when sunrise, especially when you don't have any filter etc.the image above, by default, was almost 80% dark as the sun was dominating the camera metering, but it was all beautifully preserved and revealed as i opened the raw file and pull around the setting.
well...honestly, i can't get enough with this place. and i wish to come back, memo-graph it again at different time etc.

try google 'music from paradise of  longji' and you'll know why! :)


  1. Cantiknya pmandangan. Macam kat Cameron Highlands! eh.

    1. hehe..CH? waa..kena pegi neh CH...:P


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