Memoirs of Rangoli ... (p46) - evening at Yamuna River

Yamuna River, Agra
Uttar Pradesh, India
February 2016

well. another rare thing that we did during this trip. spending time while waiting the sunset at the slum part of Agra. we took auto-rickshaw to this part of Agra, which happened to be along the way to the place where we went to watch Taj Mahal early that morning. obviously, the drivers were confused, and even our guide gave a frown as we told about our plan to go there. crazy eh?

our presence caught the attention of the locals that wandering around the area, and then made pass the street vendors that selling stuff like vegetables etc. ah..we saw pigs wandering around, and quickly walked away, passing them. it seemed quiet, the riverbank of Yamuna, that evening. perhaps we were not at the right time to see locals doing their daily chores like washing clothes etc. there.
but the kids were there, doing their usual stuff. and they got excited as seeing us, and asking them to pose for photos etc. one thing that struck me back was the asking for money anthem. and they got quite aggressive as trying to snatch the purse of one of our ladies as she was holding it to take some money to give. Syib immediately told us to be careful with our belongings.
there were few elders that joined us for that evening. but they were just watching, and didn't show any interest, other than letting the kids and us doing our stuff. at one point a man came and had a chat, asking our whereabout etc.  
i saw a girl standing quietly watching her friends orchestrating the day with their laugh and excitement etc. i gave her sign to take her pictures and her sisters. came with a price as they asked me for money. but sort of told them, to wait as i knew, it would attract the group if i gave them the tips openly.

we bid farewell to the kids, as the sun set. we walked pass the pigs, the sellers etc. and the busy road in front of the riverbank, made our way to the auto-rickshaw that was still waiting for us. it was busy time in Agra, and it took a while for us to reach the hotel.
the 9th day of the trip. and the visit to Yamuna river, marked the last group activity for the trip as we later then spent the night at our own after the dinner. i went out to the ghost-mall near the hotel to do last minute shopping at one of the few shops that was still opened, and then strolled along the main street of Agra. i saw there was a wedding celebration next to the mall, complete with the fireworks, musics etc. but i only stood and watched it from afar. i didn't have my camera with me and only memographing the moment with my phone.

as i walked away from the event, i bumped into the driver that took us to the local bazaar near the Jama' Mosque this morning. obviously, it was creepy, as he clearly noticed me and again, playing his trick asking me to bring me to the shops etc. again, at the wee hour. i just firmly declined and then walked away, back to the hotel.



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