Memoirs of Rangoli ... (p41) - long road to Agra

Osiyan, Jodhpur
Rajashtan, India
February 2016

our 7th day in India began early for some of us. the cold winter morning, in the middle of this oasis unable to stop us from doing our routine - chasing for the sunrise. i walked towards the main building of the camp with syib to get a better view. well... it was at the backyard of the cafe where we had our dinner last night. we had to play with the perspective and find the right angle to memo-graph the sunrise, avoiding the unnecessary things in our outcome. it was a while, until we were then joined by pojie.  

we heard the sound from the cafe. ah..the staff already preparing the breakfast for us. we were told that today would be a long day (and night) for us as we'd be riding on the bus to Agra. i was ok at first, but then we were told it'd be about 700km journey...and with the road condition in India, we'd be expecting to arrive Agra on the next morning. phew...and of course...we'd be sleeping on the bus.
we were the king of the desert, hence the breakfast felt generous! but knowing that it'd be a very long road to Agra...i was torn between eat all i could to restore my energy or to minimize the risk for the nature's call. you'd never know the toilet condition along the journey later!
we went back to our tent, and then settled all the things to do, packed up all our stuff and then had the camp staff to bring them to the lobby. once done with the check-out, we got ourselves on the bus, and began our long ride to Agra. it was about 10am, if i've not mistaken. a lovely sunny day and we were leaving Osiyan. i got my tablet and iphone fully charged, backup for the entertainment, as at one point, everybody would lost in either rem cycle or boredom.
it was passed noon already, and was time for our lunch. but we thought the lunch break we'd be way later and the bus driver just made a quick toilet stop, while we were actually in the middle of nowhere. he pointed out the huts at the side of the road, as the toilet. ok...i didn't go as my bladder was still ok, but half the group left for the toilet break. was the right decision for me, as the toilet happened to be too spectacular and they had to deal with it, regardless the condition.
and guess what? it was just about 20 minutes after the toilet break, and we were passing a proper rest area with restaurants etc. and the bus made a stop for our lunch break. obviously, i was already saved from the trauma...hehe...i guess the driver could've just navigated the journey properly, as i don't think the first toilet break was a rush, if we knew there'd be a proper rest area in front.

we had to back to our vegan diet again this time as the restaurant didn't serve any meat or poultry in the menu. and it was the time we finished all my sambal garing etc. we decided to have our jama' prayer after we had our lunch there. well..there was no surau or anything, we just sought a clean space between our dining table, and then took turn to pray.
the journey continued. we were told that the driver decided to use the normal road, instead of the highway at this leg of journey. the reason being, we'd be turning back to Jodhpur, instead of bypassing it for Jaipur, then Agra. it would add the distance for the journey. 

well...i didn't care much, as long as we'd be arriving safely at our destination.

late afternoon, and with our stomach full with our lunch, it was time where the boredom ruled the journey. i was yet to be in my rem and spent my time looking out the window, and memo-graph the trail of the journey. i noted we were passing Pushkar as it was about to sunset, and then i slept, finally.

i woke up when it was dark already, and we were already on the highway, just passing Jaipur ( as the signboard showed). it was only half of the journey...and we had like another 300-400km more to go. the bus made a turn to another rest area and we had our dinner, toilet break and our jama' prayer. 

once done, we continued the journey to Agra ...



  1. soooo beautiful all the pictures. and how was it the bus condition? Ada air cond? Sbb my friend 15hours journey, aircond nehi hahaha.. Kesian. And dh la dia pergi summer. Cant even imagine.

    One thing i noticed, india ni mmg cantik dlm still pictures macam all you put up there, but in reality, onl god knows. haha. Keep on writing agip. This is part 41, when this sinetron akan habis? Hiks.

    1. fida. tq so much. hehe. tade aircond pun bus far as i recall... and luckily sbb winter memang sejuk la malam. siang tu...buka tingkap.

      well...i know..this is the longest series so last one was Yunnan and Nepal where i wrote like this. hehe.. but don't worry Agra is my last adala dalam 2-3 chapter kot. before wrap up.

      TQ again


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