Memoirs of Rangoli ... (p39) - Osiyan ... night in the desert

spinning around
Osiyan, Jodhpur
Rajashtan, India
February 2016

it was winter in India. the sun-set early, hence the nightfall. by the time we arrived our camp, it was dark already, yet still early for our dinner. instead of heading towards our tent, we were led to the other side of the camp. we saw chairs being arranged, and then the sort-of fire-pit being set up to surround the place. there was a group of people in traditional costume with some of the holding the musical instrument like bongos and harmonica, sitting, while the ladies standing on the other side, doing some moves, warming up for the next event.

voila...night under the stars, in the desert, we were presented by the performances by these locals of Osiyan - singing and dancing, while waiting for the dinner. honestly, we were already surprised with the glamping treat, but with this showcase, i guess we did feel like the rich for a moment. they even served us with drinks etc. while enjoying the performances. 

the men was singing the songs in Marwari, which sounds different compared to the typical hindi that we had been listening mumbled by the locals for the past few days. obviously, none of us understand but somehow, the songs and the singing were really engaging. yeap..the lead singer voice was too good, and sounds like the udit narayan, arjit singh etc. i asked the camp staff, what was the songs were about and he told us that it was an old songs, telling the story of old Marwari folks tales and kingdom of the past, about wars, about love, about life etc.

the lady dancers? well...the belly dance was part of it..but mostly they were performing the classic indian dance that suited the songs sang.
we took a break as it was time for dinner already. why a break? well..they were scheduled to perform another hour, but then as the winter night crept in and we were easily hungry, we took a break and went for dinner. dinner was good, and we had chicken this time, as requested by us. it had been like 2-days we were on vegan mode...and the chicken curry that we had was totally a winner. ah...i forgot to snap the picture of our meals. and mind you, it was not a buffet, but was a 3 course meals if i've not mistaken. and we had gulaab jammu for desert. yummeh.

did i mention that we were the only group that occupied the camp for that night? we were treated like a king with all the attentions being given to our group.
we went back to the group after our good meal. enjoying the last few chapters of the performance, underneath the sky. a good cup of a hot chai masala was really add the zing to our night, while watching the performance.

we asked the group to sing our theme song of the trip ' Janam Janam' and guess what, in this part of India, Arjit Singh and his latest tunes were not something common, even to the local performers like them. we even let them listen to the song in our phone, but they were unable to recognize the tune. perhaps, it was because they are used to Marwari old tunes, or perhaps, Arjit and Dilwale were not something big in Osiyan.

but they did not disappointed us, as while carrying the final few tunes, we were invited by the lady dancers to join and do the moves. and what was more interesting....they finally found something that used to our ears - Kuch Kuch Hota Hai...and that was our closing song for the night. it ended up with a singalong of us with the group. well...who couldn't carry the tune of that iconic song? hehehe.

we bid farewell to them and made our back to our tent. it was around 9pm. and Syib told us that we'd be shooting for the stars later. well...of course...something that i  was really looking forward to! with the clear sky in the desert, the opportunity should be there!



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