Memoirs of Rangoli ... (p36) - story of faith ... Jodhpur Blue City part 3

Blue City of Jodhpur,
Rajashtan, India
February 2016

the blue city, or the old city of Jodhpur is mainly a residential area. other than small shop houses that selling day to day groceries, and some street vendor, i only spot one or two sign posts that would direct you to houses that being turned into guest houses by the locals. so what would you see as you wander just a typical daily life of people of Jodhpur. as i mentioned, other than the 2 japanese tourists with their big cameras, we were the only group that playing tourists, wandering at every possible alleys of the place and broke the silence with our non-sense jokes and laughs. (oh...yeap..travelling with rarecation, at one point, everybody dah masuk air dah..tak betul).

the group stopped for a while in front of the small shop house and i saw these two old ladies, perhaps one of the is the owner of the place. i had no intention to buy anything, but since my spot was exactly facing them, i greeted them with namaste and a smile. it caught their attention.

auntie : you speak hindi?
me : no auntie (while performing the head bobble thingy)
auntie: are you student?
me : yes (without i believe it was hard to explain other than that)
auntie: film student? photography student?
me : photography, auntie...
auntie: ah...lot of film and photography student came here. film especially.
me: chuckled..and nodded to agree.
auntie: are you muslim? ( while trying to point to the ladies of the group as they were wearing the head-scarf)
me: yes auntie, we are muslim.
auntie: sunni? or shia'?
me: sunni, auntie..(and i smiled)
auntie : ooh...sunni...very strict (with her head bobble and looking back at another auntie inside the shop...and she did the same, so of agree)

i just smiled as it was a non-muslims interpretation towards the religion.  i didn't contest as for unknown, rather than explaining and contesting, it is better to give the right perspective, that Islam is only one.

i asked their permission to take their pictures and they agreed. they were happy to see their faces on my screen...and i quoted  ' front page, auntie!'...hehe..they just chuckled.
we left them after a while and continued wandering around the blue city of Jodhpur.


  1. Adoi geram tengok post2 India kau ni Agip! haha.

    1. hehe..geram ape nye khai..hehe.biasa2 jer


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