Memoirs of Rangoli ... (p34) - feeling blue ... Jodhpur Blue City part 1

Blue City of Jodhpur
Rajashtan, India
February 2016

we walked towards the temple that located a bit further from the main complex of the fort. it was only our group that walking towards the place. perhaps, the place was already closed. i saw abg mie walked on the opposite direction. obviously, we were not aware that he was separated from the group and made his own way after the museum tour. we told him that we'd be viewing the blue city from the temple area. he had a long sigh as it was an effort for him to turn back and climb back the stairs towards the temple. but Syib assured him, the sunset would be majestic to be viewed with the blue city in the picture. we intended to stay there until the the blue city lighten up with the lamp as the sun set.

there were few tourists that were still wandering around the temple. perhaps, with the intention to wait for the sunset and see the last light of Jodhpur shimmering the blue city. there were few locals also doing their prayer at the temple, but care less on our excitement wandering around the temple, finding the right spot to memograph.
the fact that, there was no proper viewing area actually, from the temple area. we had to memograph the place through the holes of the wall. was good enough, but we had to take turn as there was only two spots that gave good view of the place. 

we waited, and memo-graphed the place in turn, and finally the sun set at the horizon. while waiting for the first light to be turned on and lighten up the city, the temple guard suddenly made a noise and asking us to leave. we tried to ask the permission to stay a bit longer, but the guards seemed to strict and asked us to leave, regardless. 

after a while, we decided to obey and walked away from the temple.
there was another viewing point actually, which was the rooftop restaurant that located within the fort. but you were ought to be the customer. we just passed by the place, and made our way to the exit of the fort. it was only our group and few tourists that left, and we were sometimes being the attention of the fort staff that kept telling us the place was closed already.

we took the bus ride to the city and back to our hotel. well...again as the bus unable to enter the street where our hotel was located, we had to hire another auto-rickshaw. a quick ride that cost around 100 rupee, if i've not mistaken.

we arrived at our hotel, and some us went straight to have dinner at the hotel's restaurant. some went out to the nearby bakery and bought some food from there. was another vegan time for us.
once done with dinner, we went back to the room and continued to rest. some of us, once refreshed, went down to the lobby to get connected with the internet while doing some editing with the pictures.

it had been a long day. and i had good time as i was really in awed with the majestic Mehrangarh fort and memographing the blue city during the sunset. we were going to visit the blue city tomorrow!


  1. lawa gile...dah la time sunset.
    india ni colorful tema2 city dia. red fort, blue city and rasanya haritu ko ada update pasal pink city..kelass sangat

    1. hehe. tq. yeap...india ni penuh warna warni nye

  2. hi agippp... lama tak mai siniii.

    It looks like busan punya busantorini tu hehe. I missss india so muchie!

    1. hi fida...hehe gitu..lama tak singgah ye. yeap..adala rupa2 busantorini tu..but this one more rustic la sbb cam old city


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