Memoir of Rangoli ... (p37) - interlude ... Jodhpur Blue City part 4

Blue City of Jodhpur
Rajashtan, India
February 2016

it was almost 11am, if i've not mistaken. the plan was to get back to the hotel and packed up as we'd be leaving for our next destination by 1pm. we were walking towards the other end of the blue city while suddenly being approached by  friendly local lady. a single mother if i've not mistaken, and she spoke to us about the possible attractions within the blue city itself like where we could go and see th locals in traditional costumes, where to buy stuff etc. she was offering her services to do mendhi, the traditional Indian henna painting to the ladies at a good price. two of them decided to have their hand painted with artwork of henna by the lady.

while waiting for the work done, we waited for a while outside of the house, and wandering around. our voices must caught the little boy attention, and he was curious to know what was the commotion. he didn't go far, rather than taking a peek and then stared at us for a while, before went back into the house.

it took about 15 minutes for the ladies to have the mendhi done. the local lady then offered to take us to visit part of the old city where we could see and photograph the locals in their traditional costumes etc. , but we had to decline as it was getting late. we bid farewell to her, and then walked down from through the alley to the main street.luckily, there was a lot of auto-rickshaw waiting for customers. after a quick negotiation and agreed with the price, we then rode back to our hotel with the auto-rickshaw. once arrived, we went to our hotel room and then packed up our stuff to check out from the room.

before we left the hotel, we had our lunch as we were told that it'd be long journey to our next destination ...

Osiyan..the desert safari!


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