Memoirs of Rangoli...(p27) - Rusirani Village (cont.)

the hut
rusirani village, jaipur
rajasthan, india
february 2016

the kids were cheering for us as our tractor made it way to the village and as we disembarked from it. the elders, standing at the side of their houses, gave us a big warm smile, welcoming us. i understand, the language barrier was limiting them to directly approach us, but it was good enough to see the smile faces and the kids cheer after a 40 minutes of bumpy ride.

Dev brought us to our shelter where we could leave our luggage and rest. he told us they were preparing the lunch and it would be served later. i took a seat and wandered my eyes around. there were few blocks of unfinished building, built to surround the place. there millet field, i guess next to it. Syib told me to go and mingle around, especially with the kids. they loved to have their photos taken.

i decided to wait and settle my solat first. but then clean water was a limited source in this village, and the was hard to tell. luckily i wasn't in my moment of nature's call, but the ladies had to do the business and was brought by Dev to somewhere as apparently there was no proper toilet within the our host's family compound. where and how did it look like? well..i didn't ask as seeing from their reaction as walking back from the place. hehehe. 
the lunch was finally ready and they brought it to our shelter. Dev told us not to worry as it was properly and cleanly prepared. Dev assured us it was prepared using filtered/mineral water etc. 

so what was in th e menu?

it was plain rice and roti from different types of flour, serves with dal. it was good! and i love the roti that they prepared for us. for desert, they served us a traditional sweet/candy made from sugar cane. kak ros even brought few of it back home as she loved it very much.
once with the lunch, it was time to start mingle around again. well...the thing of having a group of photographers as the guest, made the place turned like a red carpet thingy as everybody seemed to be the centre of attraction for each of us to get the best portrait. the kids loved it very much to pose and never short of cheers as they saw their faces on the camera's monitor. 

after a while, Dev called us to gather. as our host, they were preparing gifts to us. the boys were treated with the turban, while the ladies were presented with the cloth. i thought it was saree, but it was too short.

it was late afternoon already and Dev told us that we gotta move if we wanted to visit one of the attraction of the village, and an ancient monument which was believed built like more than 2000 years ago, if i've not mistaken.we bid farewell to our host and the family, after thanking them for their warm and friendly treatment. as usual, the kids, never short of cheers as our tractor leaving the village.

it was another short bumpy ride to the ancient monument. we had to walk further for 20 minutes from the parking before arriving to the monument that had the Mahaveer statue stood still, as major part of it. Dev told us the story about the place and apparently it was still under Indian government research, to determine the exact date and history of the place. it was amusing as Dev told us, so far they unable to connect the story of the place with any of the old kingdom that known in India. 

we had to leave as it was getting dark, and obviously, it was creepy to be around the place as the light went out. there was a stair well nearby the place, but we didn't had the chance to visit it because it was dark already. again..creepy!

we walked back to our ride and then had another 30 minutes bumpy ride, ascending the hill to the ancient gate that served as an entrance to the village, before descending to the place where our bus was parked.

Dev thanked us for our visit and was hoping we would write a good review about our visit to the village. i was indeed plan to do it, but when we were told that he recommended for 1000 rupee tips from each of us, all the good thoughts suddenly went to the drain. i mean, it was a unexpected, eventhough Dev justified to us that it'd be used for the village etc. , but we were totally felt like a ripped off. and Syib forgot to tell us about this. voila!

ah. drama. the driver apparently was in a bad mood as he had to come and wait for us that long. he was in rush to get back to the town. 

we left the village and continue our ride back to city of Jaipur. it was another 2 hours journey. everybody were tired already, and most of us were in our rem cycle throughout the ride.



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