Memoirs of Rangoli ... (p31) - khammaghani Jodhpur!

behind the bars
Jodhpur, Rajashtan
February 2016

we didn't get the chance to experience the night train in India. the original plan was, the ride from Jodhpur to Agra during our final leg of the travel. however, as mentioned by Syib, the train schedule in India sort of unpredictable as the train was cancelled for our intended schedule. hence, the plan changed from Jodhpur to Agra, to Jaipur to Jodhpur. and for sake of experience, the plan turned out to be an early morning train, leaving the pink city as early as 6am and reached Jodhpur after 5 hours.

it was a sleepless night for me, as i was too tired after our journey from Rusirani to the city of Jaipur that night. plus, knowing that we gotta leave around 5am to the train station, made my rem cycle disturbed with the thoughts of potential overslept.
we left the hotel as per plan and then only brought our daypack/camera bag with us as the bus continued its journey to Jodhpur with all of our luggages. Syib told us we would be sitting at the first class coach, not the sleeper coach as we'd be travelling for a relatively short journey i.e. 5 hours. it was a busy morning at the train station, with all those travelers waiting to depart for their intended destination. the smell and the crowd. brought back the typical vibe of India to my sense. the place was busy with all sort of people you could see waiting for departure, or probably just finding the shelter under the train departure's platforms.   
we wandered for a while, looking for the right platform for our departure, and memograph any interesting subjects that we could think of. the same time, trying to keep ourselves warm as it was kind of freezing as it was still 'winter' in this part of India. we got on board as the time arrived. it wasn't a big fuss as being on the first class coach, meaning we had our seat, instead of finding the empty spot and sharing with the locals.

i know, it sounds like we were missing the opportunity to experience the real-journey, but i guess my 9-hours hard seat train ride back in Yunnan last year taught me a lot, that enough sometimes could be enough. anyway, we still had the opportunity to wander around the economy coach as it was permitted for us, but not vice-versa.

the first part of the journey was a bit boring and i ended up went back to my rem cycle. anyway, the group were separated as we were on board. i was sitting together with Fariz and abg mie, and next to kak ros and aniq, while half of the group were sitting few rows in front of us. after a while, i saw syib stood up and gave a sign to join him. he came towards us, and mumbled something. mumbled?

well ...i was sleepy actually. hehe.
apparently, half of the group went to wander along the coaches and even managed to step their foot at the station, whenever the train made a stop to drop and pick up the passengers. gosh! i missed the moment! especially when thinking back my plan to re-create the scene from the original Dilwale, when 'Simran' was chasing 'Rahul' that was leaving by the train. huhuhuhu.

#regret!!!! rugi weyyyy...the 5 hours train ride ended up being only a ride to me as i didn't manage to memograph any significant moment. huhuhuhu.

Khammaghani Jodhpur!
it is Namaste Jodhpur in Marwari...the language of the local ethnic of Rajashtan. we were finally at the 2nd largest city in Rajashtan that synonym with the name 'Blue City'.



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