Memoirs of Rangoli ... (p28) - faces ... part 1

Rusirani Village, Jaipur
Rajasthan, India
February 2016

Hold me in your arms,
Love me like your best friends did,
Promise I won't hurt you kid,
Hold me really tight until the stars look big,
Never let me go

it took me a while to warm myself up into the action. action - memo graphing the life of the locals of Rusirani Village, especially the kids. yes...they were the most excited as seeing our gear being pointing towards their action. the elders decided to stay aside, but never turned down any request from us.

i only had my 35mm zeiss with me, while wandering around and memo graphing them. it is my favourite focal length, and lens, but doing portrait made me feel a bit limited as i am unable to play bokeh to a typical extend that you'll be able to reach with a fast 50mm lens. nonetheless, i feel that the work more organic and alive, as the 35mm brought me closer to my subject. i had to approach them, and establish the connection. once it was there, i let their emotion and do-about flowed. i didn't control other than asking to stand/sit at the right places.



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