Memoirs of Rangoli ... (p26) - Rusirani Village ...

men's of rusirani (plus a tourist :P)
rusirani village, jaipur
rajashtan, india
february 2016

honestly, i was a bit clueless when i heard Syib mentioning our next destination of the day. i had no idea what to expect etc. , other than it'd be a visit to the countryside of Jaipur and good photo opportunity. other than, as the name of the village rhyme with kak ros' name, the joke went on for a while as if we were going to visit her village etc.we gathered at the entrance of the amer fort before heading to the road nearby, waiting for our bus. it was in middle of the day, and it was hot. the stalls at the side of the road became our centre of attraction to get something to quench our thirst. pojie warned us to check the condition of the bottle, as well as the expiry date of the drinks as anything could happen. 

the road in front, where we waited were jam packed with traffic. there was a temple across the road, where locals busy attending.
syib finally gave us the sign that the bus was about to arrive and we crossed the road and waited. it took a while for it to arrive due to the heavy traffic. we hopped on the bus and then made our way to our seat. Manu told us that he'd not be joining us for the trip to rusirani and the bus dropped him somewhere along the way. syib told us we'd be having our lunch at the village, and guess what...the journey was expected to take more than an hour.
well. despite my heavy breakfast at the hotel, i was hungry, so did others. we decided to settle with jajan that we bought while waiting for the bus earlier.with an empty stomach, and bumpy ride, the journey felt like forever. everybody seemed to loose their interest to talk and share the excitement, hence decided to be in own's rem cycle at one point.

i don't recall how long i dived into my rem cycle, but i woke up in the middle of the journey as the bus stopped at the side of the road. the driver was asking the locals on the direction to the village, and it chuckled me as the place must be somewhere in the middle of was literally, as i looked around, other than an arid land, few houses and locals, nothing was painted on my canvas.

the bus made a turn into a junction where the road was not paved. and it was really bumpy, with the bus' poor suspension, it was like going up and down a hilly path. it took a while and finally we arrived at the end of the road. i saw a tractor and few locals wandering around it. and there was a chap that standing, sort of welcoming our arrival. was our host for the visit. let us call him Dev, this time (pardon me, as i forgot already).
there was nothing around as i walked out from the bus and it made me wonder for a while whether we were going to walk to the village etc. Dev greeted us and had us gathered in front of the tractor. and yes...that was our ride to the village. Voila...the excitement crept in at the beginning as the driver turned the local music while we made our way to the carrier.

ok. it wasn't that comfortable as we had to sit down as Dev told us it was not safe to stand up as the ride would take a while. while there was about 13 of us, we had to settle squeezing our bum to get a comfortable sit for each of us. once readied, the ride began.

gosh...the excitement lasted only for the first 10 minutes as the ride was getting rough as we started to ride up and down the hill as the village was apparently located at the other side of the hill that i saw as we parked the bus. it was unpaved road, and bumpy, uneven etc. and it lasted for almost an hour until we arrived at our host' house.phew...that was a very challenging ride. and i reminded me my experience riding the 4WD while descending and ascending the road of Penanjakan. it really felt like a Dakar-rally, if i were to quote.

we got back our excitement momentum as hearing to the kids' voices cheering our ride as we approached the host's family's houses. and the ride stopped, they were waiting for us with their elders, welcoming us with their smile.

'Time for lunch!' ah..finally!



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