Memoirs of Rangoli ... (p24) - Amer Fort

the pillars
amer fort, jaipur
rajashtan, india
february 2016

it was a memorable elephant ride, but not in a good way. with all the commotion with the greedy mahout, part of my mood already gone. in fact the back pain as you had to sit in such way, while balancing yourself. yada yada yada. ok i'd recommend for you to skip. 1000 rupee is better spend on something else.

we gathered at the main boulevard, waiting for everybody to arrive. of course, everybody had to deal with the persistent street vendors selling the same stuff that we saw when we were queuing for the ride. some of us fall into the persuasion and bought stuff, but obviously they had the bargaining skill that enough to make the street vendor to surrender with the best price.

as mentioned, Manu was an enthusiastic lad as keeping his momentum to explain to us every single details about the fort, despite the diversion of our interest to clicking our shutter and made our own direction.
fun fact about Amer fort from wikipedia

Amer Fort (Hindi: आमेर क़िला or Amber Fort) is located in Amer, a town with an area of 4 square kilometres (1.5 sq mi)[1] located 11 kilometres (6.8 mi) from Jaipur, Rajasthan state, India. Located high on a hill, it is the principal tourist attraction in the Jaipur area.[2][3] The town of Amer was originally built by Meenas,[4] and later it was ruled by Raja Man Singh I (December 21, 1550 – July 6, 1614).>

Amer Fort is known for its artistic Hindu style elements. With its large ramparts and series of gates and cobbled paths, the fort overlooks Maota Lake.[3][5][6][7][8][9] It is the main source of water for the Amer palace.

The aesthetic ambiance of the palace is seen within its walls. Constructed of red sandstone and marble, the attractive, opulent palace is laid out on four levels, each with a courtyard. It consists of the Diwan-e-Aam, or "Hall of Public Audience", the Diwan-e-Khas, or "Hall of Private Audience", the Sheesh Mahal (mirror palace), or Jai Mandir, and the Sukh Niwas where a cool climate is artificially created by winds that blow over a water cascade within the palace. Hence, the Amer Fort is also popularly known as the Amer Palace.

ok. enjoy the pictures.

it is a huge/big impressive fort, in my opinion. we were there till noon..which more or less means we had spent almost 3 hours, wandering within it. we then made our way to the main road to wait for the bus, which would take us to our next destination that located about 2 hours ride from the city of Jaipur.



  1. oh teringat tempat ni.. ada bilik gundik gundik dia yg ramai tu

    1. ha ah...betul meng. tempat gundik2 bercanda sambil maharaja tengok dari bilik tidur dia


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