Memoirs of Rangoli ... (p19) - the Pink city of Jaipur

Gate of Jaipur
Jaipur, Rajashtan
February 2016

i read recently, somewhere, while flipping the flipboard on my cheap iphone 5c, on the way home back from the work - the pink city was quoted as one of the most beautiful city to live. i chuckled alone, then with a sigh. really? i'm not sure if beautiful would be the right word to represent this nowaday capital of Rajashtan. that gives it too much credit despite the cleanliness issues, poverty etc. that you'd see, even not at the same magnitude as you might see in Old Delhi.

anyway, we were hunting for breakfast for a while after done with our session memographing Jal Mahal. there was not much option, as most eateries were yet to open. we ended up having our first meal of the day, with a buffet spread at one of the hotels nearby the Jal Mahal. well...we ended up utilizing our entitlement at it max, like charging the batteries and our phones, doing any necessary nature related business etc. and even had a quick rest at the waiting area of the hotel's restaurant. ah..the door-keeper of the hotel, perhaps was the first human-interest subject for most of us (which i was so unfortunate forgot to memograph). dressed in a british-colonial guard clothes, coupled with his red turban, he was really our group centre of attraction. well...what makes his persona more vibrant - his hook moustache that really complement his smile and warmness, entertaining us.
Syib told us that since it was still early to check in, we'd be going straight to visit the main part of the city, where the pink gate and the wind-palace located. it was a quick ride, and as the bus parked at the main square where the gate of the city surrounded, we made our way by foot, starting memo-graphing the morning at this part of Jaipur.
the old man was on his moment, sitting at the side of the road by the time our group passed him. one of us gave a sign to him on our interest to memo-graph him, and voila...he was delighted, and gave us his full commitment, that nothing less than the ANTM participants. funnily, as it came to my turn to click my shutter, he gave me this pose.
like other parts of India, the chai wallah was also a common sight in Jaipur. and as usual, the man care less with our interest to memo-graph him and his daily life. 



  1. agip..ko sempat tak try test the famous chai tepi2 jalan tu?
    and kenapa ek dipanggil pink city? aku nmpk color dia cm colour bricks

    1. haha..xde nye aku nk try eventho ada kesempatan. tanak amik risiko.

      pink city? tula...aku pun confuse napa dia panggil pink sebab aku nampak cam oren

  2. You know atas IndiGo flight ada magazine where it stated Kareena Kapoor punya fav city is Jaipur. Haha. All of the other Bollywood celebrities would rather choose foreign cities tp minah Kareena ni tehtapppp nak Jaipur. Hehe. I dont really quite like it Jaipur ni. Sbb panas kot cam rimas. Hehe.

    And yes, I did not try the chai, at all. Hahahaha. Takotsssssss! Ada one place kat Rajahstan yg ade desert area tu,I've seen Remy Ishak's pictures, he was there. Nampak mcm best and sooo adventurous. Teringinnsss nak try one fine day. Haha. Padang pasir katanya.

    And we've seen other parts of Jaipur very slumped area whereby pigs are everywhere. Dkt kawasan2 rumah diorang je, bela and makan siap tidur sebelah piggy lalu lalang! Can't believe my eyes too I thought Hindu tak makan pork.

    1. hehe..amboi kemain dgn remy ishak dia. i think he went to pushkar or perhaps further west to jaisalmer area. hehe


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