Memoirs of Rangoli ... (p18) - Jal Mahal ... the water palace

Jal Mahal
Man Sagar Lake, Jaipur
Rajashtan, India
February 2016

they said, the tales of the old kingdoms of Rajashtan itself, is greater than what India itself behold. 

i read that somewhere. and it is just an expression, despite that this sub continent itself is huge, where every parts of the country holds its own story. perhaps, it is the status of Rajasthan itself, dubbed as 'land of the kings' (Raja = king, stan = country , in farsi), that holds proudly stories of many. honestly, i am wordless to describe, how much i am fascinated with the state, as i googled further to verify my facts and understanding. at every single parts of the land, from Jaipur to Jaisalmer to Udaipur, you'll discover the grande' palaces, forts etc. that stand proudly telling the stories of its pasts. 

Jaipur, in this modern Rajashtan is the capital of the state, which is also known as the 'Pink City' for some reason.

as told before, we went straight to Man Sagar Lake to memo-graph Jal Mahal (Jal = water, Mahal = palace) after our subuh prayer. it was still dark by the time we arrived and it was our excitement that broke the silent of calm morning at the bank. once listened to Syib's tips and tricks to shoot the palace at its first light of the day, everybody went to find own spots and started to set up the gear. i brought my lightweight tripod, and changed my lens to my old 24-105mm as i need a wider view and at the same time needed to reach further as the palace itself, had its own justice to be memo-graphed on its own.

the first ray of sunlight appeared from the eastern sky of Jaipur, and slowly allowing the palace itself immersed from the darkness. it was beautiful. the calmness of the morning, and the golden light shimmering the landscape, and the palace.

we moved from one spot to another, trying to memo-graph the place from every possible angle. we even went down to the bank of the lake, to get ourselves closer and eliminating the fence from distracting the view etc.

the story of the palace itself, kind of unique. it is a five storey palace complex that was built by one of the kings from the old kingdoms, that simply wished it to be a lodge for himself and his entourage during the duck hunting season party. four levels of the building submerge under water when the lake is full and only the top most level remains visible and can be accessed with the help of a boat. 

it puzzled me... why built, and then let it submerged within the lake?
it was bright already, by the time we realized we'd been there for few hours. i looked at the watch and it was passed 8am. it was time to get going. we were in need for a good breakfast!


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