Memoirs of Rangoli ... (p17) - rangeloo Rajasthan

Man Sagar Lake, Jaipur
Rajashtan, India
February 2016

it'd be a long ride to Jaipur, the first city of Rajashtan that we'd be visiting. the dinner was just ok. i only had mutton curry with naan, a lighter meal compared to briyani etc. i didn't want to 'risk' as heavy meal meaning, i might end up in need for a time for the nature's call later during this long journey.

we left Delhi after the meal and did our necessary business. knowing that it'd be a long night, riding to Jaipur, everybody seemed in the mood to get into the rem cycle. i went to the back of the bus, asking the driver assistance to open the compartment of the luggage, and took my kain pelikat. it'd be my blanket for the night. Syib told us that we'd be arriving around 3am and would be able to perform our jama' pray at the mosque in Jaipur.

the ride was bumpy, at most part of the journey. even when riding on the highway. the road condition was bad as far as i could recall, and the bus suspension, wasn't that good. plus, it was a cold winter night in India, and it was colder as we were approaching Jaipur. the bus made few stops along the journey for toilet and rest for the driver. 

generally, i had a sleepless night. but i managed to be in my rem cycle just before we arrived Jaipur. i woke up as i noticed the bus no longer moved, and parked at a side of a road. i heard kak ros and kak nida's voice asking the driver something. while the rest...were enjoying the good sleep.

i looked at my phone's gps. we were in Jaipur already. 

both akaks left the bus with their bags, and i guess they were looking for toilet etc. and then suddenly i heard their voice, mumbling. a quiet night  like that, it amplified...i mean their mumbling sounds like a big commotion out there. i woke up, and approached them, and kak ros told that they unable to enter the mosque as it was locked. i walked towards the mosque, and tried to push the door. yes. it was locked. 

i went back to the bus, and woke Syib up, telling him about it and asking whether that was the mosque that we plan to have our jama' pray. Syib, while was still half asleep, answered me, and then we both went back to the mosque. i guess, i didn't try that hard, and after a while, Syib managed to open the door. it was locked, but could be open with a some effort. hehe. Syib went back to the bus, and woke everybody up for the jama' pray, while the ladies went straightaway performing the pray. was a cold winter night, and the tap water was cold enough to freeze us while we were performing our wudhu.  

everybody went back to sleep, once we were done with our jama' pray. after a while, the driver woke up and then drove the bus from where we parked. i was half-asleep, but heard kak nida's voice was asking the driver where we were going. the driver was actually driving the bus closer to the Man Sagar lake, where we'd be visiting the Jal Mahal for the sunrise. amusingly, it was only kak nida that in a mood to argue with the driver, then asked him to drive us back and parked in front of the mosque. she told him that we had to perform subuh pray first before visiting the place for sunrise.

thank you akak. hahah...the boys..even the older ones were totally in rem cycle, and passed all the commotion to kak nida.

we woke up again, to perform subuh pray around 5am, if i've not mistaken. the locals came to the mosque a bit late, we encountered them entering the mosque by the time we done performing the subuh pray.

the driver drove us back to the place where he brought us before. it was still dark, and only the street light that guided us while walking towards the bank of the lake. the quiet and calm morning at this side of Jaipur, was broken by our excitement to see the palace at its earliest moment of the day. we waited for a while, setting up our tripod while Syib guiding us with the tips and tricks on shooting etc.

finally, Jal Mahal immersed from the darkness, as the earliest ray of sunlight shimmering the place.



  1. Hahaha thanks to kak nida, kalau tak memang kena terawih ler malam tu. Hiks. But one thing I noticed kan agip, kat india ni the skies sooo blue, not cloudy at all. Best kan.. Haih write more please. mine mcm gone case sbb dh start busyy gila skrg ni... tsk tsk.

    1. yeap...memang clear blue sky manjang. hehe. i pun dh start busy..tot would be able to finish this before skrg cam one entry per week jer mampu...huhuhu


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