Memoirs of Rangoli ... (p15) - friday at Chadni Chowk

Chadni Chowk
Old Delhi, India
February 2016

i witnessed Chadni Chowk at its busiest moment. as people left the mosque, after done with the friday prayer, the streets of Chadni Chowk became like a fiesta.

even the bazaar at the eastern gate of the mosque, turned to be like Jakel's doing it grand raya sale.

another thing that i noticed was, the presence of troop of army to safeguard the place. perhaps, it was because of the Jama' Masjid itself has its own history, dealing with the bombing incident etc. before. anyway, it was only us that alerted with their presence, as the locals were let it passed by.

we left the bazaar and walked towards Karim's restaurant (again) for our lunch. the girls were still with Rahul, enjoying their shopping session. it was a peak hour at the restaurant, and we had to scout around for a while, to get a place for us. i had chicken briyani this time, and decided to take the half-portion as it was enough for me. it was another good meal! and yes... i missed it!

the girls finally arrived as we were done with our meal, and we decided to wait outside while letting them having their lunch. Syib told us the bus would be coming for another half an hour to pick us up, leaving for our long journey to Jaipur later. the boys decided to wait and spending time memo-graphing the busy street of Chadni Chowk (again).  
i was standing at the side of the road, watching Syib, Madan and others playing the panning-portrait thingy, among the busy crowd of Chadni Chowk. and i saw this money-changer booth next to me. i guess he'd been waiting for a while, for anyone to stop and doing business etc.



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