Memoirs of Rangoli ... (p14) - friday at Jama' Masjid

Jama' Masjid, Chadni Chowk
Old Delhi, India
February 2016

it was almost 12pm, as we arrived our hotel. Syib told us that we'd be joining the friday pray at the Jama' Masjid later, and asked everybody to check out and gather at the lobby around 1230pm. the ladies were planning to do some shopping when we were out, as Rahul managed to convince them that he could bring them to a good shop to buy sarees etc.

i took a quick bath and then packed my stuff. once done, me and Madan dragged our luggage down to the lobby. we waited for a while for everybody to be around, and then made our move to Jama Masjid. the ladies went to meet Rahul as per planned, and we were told to meet at Karim, for lunch later.

i could hear the azan already, and we walked fast towards the mosque. if i've not mistaken, we were told the pray would start around 1pm, hence would give us ample time to join for the khutbah, as well as memo-graphing the crowd. well...obviously, i was no longer in mood to take photos, as it was hot.

we walked up the stairs of the eastern gate of the Jama Masjid, and only to discover that the pray already started. amusingly, we were stopped by the gate keeper from entering the building. probably he thought we were playing tourist and might disrespect the current event. Syib insisted to enter and told the guard that we wanted to join the pray, and again, the main square was like half-empty and there was still a lot of spaces for the jamaah. 

the gate keeper was only doing his job. hence, we were still unable to enter. as it came to 2nd rakaat already, we decided to join the crowd that formed few safs in front of the eastern gate.



  1. So rustic the mosque.... and the indian peoples , they seem like to wear baju kemeja, like the banglas of our own... I mean the banglas in Malaysia.. hehe

    1. haha..was among the reason i decided to wear plain shirts instead of my petak2 shirt...


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