Memoirs of Rangoli ... (p9) - morning at Chadni Chowk

Chadni Chowk
Old Delhi, India
February 2016

i turned my back after bid my farewell to the mosque, and here again, the bustling Chadni Chowk, greeted me and my colleagues with its own charm. it was still early i.e. around 830am, but the life in Old Delhi seemed to be at its sophomore pace already. the honking orchestra filling the air, making it statement as the evergreen soundtrack of this place. i took a deep breath, closed my eyes...trying to immersed myself back to reality, after a wonderful calm dawn i had while wandering around the Jama' Masjid.

we walked down the stair and then towards the main street of the place. breakfast would be at Karim again. Syib seemed only knew that place, i guess...or perhaps because he didn't want to risk us with food poisoning, if were to try other local eateries, which he wasn't sure or tried before. we passed the crowd that walked along the street, and then made a turn into the alley that led to the restaurant. 
it was still early,  as the staff was still preparing the place, cleaning the floor etc. we were the first customer. our breakfast, as per only available menu for the morning - the roti and the curry. i couldn't recall the exact name they called it, as apparently the different style of cooking of curry have a different name. we tried both chicken and mutton.

once done with the breakfast, instead of going back to the hotel, we decided to visit the spice market of Old Delhi - Khari Baoli.



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