Memoirs of Rangoli ... (p8) - Jama' Masjid and around

Jama' Masjid
Chadni Chowk, Old Delhi
February 2016

we gathered for a while in the main hall of the mosque, once we done with subuh pray. i guess, it is typical in everywhere, where you would only see few rows/safs of the jamaah. i can't blame, since i am not perfect too. i mean, if it wasn't for the sunrise, or travelling, or happened to be there at the time etc. , i am among the hardest person to get up in the morning. something to ponder and perhaps to be improved in the future.

it was still dark outside, but we made our move and then gathered in front of the ablution pool. i didn't bring my tripod, but others who brought started to set it up and positioned themselves at the best angle to capture the main hall of the mosque. i had to change my 35mm zeiss to my old 24-105mm as i need a wider angle to cover this building. the LAE3 that i bought however required me to do manual focusing which was quite a challenge as it was still dark. some of us already started pressing their shutter, but most of us still waiting for the first ray of light.
there was still people who came around a bit later to pray at the mosque, and i think other than the locals around the place, they were the traveler who just arrived. probably because of the mosque is located close to the old delhi train station, hence it'd the first stopover for them to freshen up, perform pray etc.

the cold morning of winter seemed unable to drive away our passion and excitement to memograph the place. everybody patiently waited. i was still holding my camera with the 24-105mm, wandering away from the ablution pool to find my best angle. 
the earliest ray of sunlight finally appeared from the eastern part of the mosque, and the flock of pigeons started to fly around and landed within the square of the mosque. i saw and old guy walking towards the flock, and putting the something in the big wood bowls there. it was the food for the birds. we were the naughty kids, always tried to mock the birds to fly so that we could memograph the place with such view. 
our act sometimes caught the old man attention, and we were scolded once as standing too close to the food, hence explaining why at a moment, none of the birds made the flight and land within the square. a thing that i learnt from the trip, the locals, regardless the religion - hindu or islam, feeding them beyond the joy. perhaps their belief in karma, that has been inherited since the old age, made them to perform this like a ritual.
we were there for quite some time. long enough to wander and discover almost every angle of this historic and majestic mosque. some fact about the mosque from wikipedia:

The Masjid-i Jahān-Numā (Persian/Urdu: مسجد-ا جہاں نما, Devanagari: मस्जिद जहान नुमा, the 'World-reflecting Mosque'), commonly known as the Jama Masjid (Hindi: जामा मस्जिद, Urdu: جامع مسجد) of Delhi, is one of the largest mosques in India.It was built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan between 1644 and 1656 at a cost of 1 million rupees, and was inaugurated by an imam from Bukhara, present-day Uzbekistan. The mosque was completed in 1656 AD with three great gates, four towers and two 40 m high minarets constructed of strips of red sandstone and white marble. The courtyard can accommodate more than 25,000 persons. There are three domes on the terrace which are surrounded by the two minarets. On the floor, a total of 899 black borders are marked for worshippers. 
it was almost 830am, and was time to leave the place for breakfast. we saw few tourists started to enter the square and wander, and there was still people come to pray and did iktikaf for a while etc. the staff of the mosque already started to lay down the carpet for the friday prayer.

as we were about to leave the south gate of the mosque, the gate keeper came and approached us, telling that we should came and see him later when we come back for the Friday prayer. i was mistakenly thought it was a courtesy gesture so that we don't have to pay twice for the entry with camera, but Syib told me that he wanted to charge us twice actually. we just gave him a nod and then left the place.



  1. Cantik nyaaa agip! haha the pics I mean. sobs sobs. byk nau kan burung kat sanaaa, besttt tgk sbb bykkkkkk haha.

    But i din enter the mosque though. Sbbb rushing.. Sedih pulak sbb tak sempatttt. Amek gamba kat dpn jah.. and we hv to pay right to enter? Even to pray?

    1. tq fida. hehe.
      ye ke tak sempat..we all sebab memang dah plan to stay and amik gambar..tu yg dari subuh sampai cerah duk lepak situ.

      if not mistaken...kalau nk masuk solat etc. x payah bayar..sbb x silap i...entrance with camera yg kena 300 rupee tu. so kitaorg memang obviouslah with the slr etc. hehe

  2. Subhanallah! Lawanya 1st and 3rd photos! Thats my favourite!


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