Memoirs of Rangoli ... (p6) - Night at Chadni Chowk (cont.)

the master cook
Chadni Chowk
Old delhi, India
February 2016

we finally had our first taste of the famous Karim's restaurant after the long walk, wandering and memoraphing the night life of the streets from our hotel till the busy Chadni Chowk. it was a bit tricky, as the entrance of the restaurant, is a small alley between the shops and eateries that located along the busy street. we almost lost Syib as his sudden turn into the alley wasn't noticed by most of us that was still busy pointing our camera. 

why Karim? well...wikipedia dubbed it as one the must-go/try in when you are in India.

i couldn't recall what exactly i had. probably this time i wasn't focused on memographing every single thing about the trip...i mean like the meal i had, the signboards etc. but remember there was plenty of things on our table, and obviously, the full portion of each meal actually can be shared for those who used to a normal portion of a meal. we had briyani, naan, tandoori etc. 

the verdict...well... i missed it now! mainly the mutton briyani, the curry etc. (we'd been there for few times...hence the list..hehe)

the restaurant occupied few lots of the building, hence allowing a generous number of spaces for endless customers that came around. the service was fast, and there was open kitchen where you could see the workers preparing the roti, naan, tandoori etc. and all of them became our subject after we had the meal. once done with our good meal and memograph the life of the worker there, we left Karim and decided to wander for a while, continuing memographing the night at Chadni Chowk at our convenience.

i sat at the side of the street for a while, tucking my eyes towards the busy street in front of me. it felt like the place will never sleep with people endlessly walking from both sides. others already had their camera pointing to their interests, but again, i was still wondering till it made me realized, this place was more crude than what i experienced in Thamel. despite the commercialization crept in for tourist with the budget hotels, money changer, local eateries...the place somehow still maintaining its vibe as original as it is (my assumption). it is where the locals wandering, eating, shopping etc. it belongs and always will be for them.

i walked with Syib and witnessed among my heartbreaking moments while i was in India - i saw the homeless queuing in front of the restaurant and Syib told me that they were waiting for their turn for any generous man that would buy them the food from the restaurant. i had no heart to pull my camera and memograph the scene. it was saddening and made me turned away from the place.

i know. i was over-dramatic.

we walked further away from the street near Karim, and then walked towards the bazaar in front of the east gate of Jama's Masjid. we saw the cooks of few eateries along the street playing the trick of the big flame. it worked as it attracted people to gather and saw what were they cooking. so did us...and as usual, they became the subject of our photography.the guy just laughed hard as seeing his act caught our attention that much, and kept playing the big flame trick, till we our interest faded, and he realized that we wouldn't want to buy anything from his shelf.

we left the busy street of Chadni Chowk, and made our way back to the hotel. it had been along day, we had to go back and rest as we would be having an early day too, memograph the iconic Jama' Masjid, before the first ray of light shimmering Delhi.



  1. Hi mr agip! Gmba mmg stok2 natgeo eh? Haha cantik! Cant really explore chandi chawk at night sbb mcm takut anjing bersepah and org pandang pelik? Hahah

    1. aish..fida... belum stok2 natgeo lagi. that's too kind. hehe.
      anyway..chadni chowk tu memang susah nk tgk org pompuan jejalan, other than tourist andd few yg came with family etc. mostly local men etc. yg ya ampun..ramai nye ke hulu hilir...


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