Memoirs of Rangoli ... (p7) - dawn at Jama' Masjid

the crescent-moon
Jama' Masjid
Old Delhi, India
February 2016

a winter night in India. it was freezing as it went deeper. luckily we had a heater in our room, and it went on all night long. saved us from a sleepless night from freezing. i had a quick chat with Madan, before went into my rem cycle. 

i woke up early than him, and had a quick shower and then got ready for subuh. we went down at the lobby and waited for a while until all the group the member came down. we then made the move, left the hotel and walked along the alley that led to the main street. it was freezing, and i was only wearing my sandals instead of shoes. maklumlah...nak pegi masjid katanya. we walked, passing the street where the homeless slept along the side of it and then arrived at the south gate of the mosque. 

Chadni Chowk, was actually (or finally) sleep! a total eclipse of its night vibe, where it was only the sound of us, giggling while holding ourselves to breath in the cold morning, that was heard.

we walked up the stairs and arrived the entrance of the south gate. before we could proceed further, a guy that was slept at the side of it suddenly woke up, approached and stopped us from entering. he was the gate-keeper...and asking the entrance fee of 300 rupee. perhaps, we were that obvious, being a tourist, with our camera etc., and even at that wee hour where we hoped that he saw us as travelers that wanted to join the subuh pray, instead.we were told about the fee by Syib before, so it was not a major surprise for us. once settled with the entrance fee, we entered and stepped our foot on the main square of the mosque. some of us didn't perform the wudhu' at the hotel earlier, hence had to do it there. and it was freezing!
we went to the main hall of the mosque and looked out for our spot, sit and waiting for the iqamah. our presence, more or less caught the attention of the jamaah. but it was only a glance of look, and none came to approach etc. perhaps, everybody was still in their own moment of faith.

the bilal finally spoke of the iqamah, calling everybody to be in saf for the subuh pray.



  1. Bia benar!

    Masuk masjid pun kena bayar keeee. Ya rabbi haha

    Tapi sejuk2 pakai sandal. Adoila mesti freezing giler ko bro haha

    1. utk tourist kena bayar 300 rupee...lagipun kitaorg memang obvious berkamera bagai..x silap aku kalau xde camera etc. boleh jer pass.


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