Memoirs of Rangoli ... (p4) - Night at Chadni Chowk

Chadni Chowk
Old Delhi, India
February 2016

Delhi traffic reminded me Indonesia, that much...specifically Java. I saw too many vehicles on the road, and the traffic was massive. and as we approached the Old Delhi, it got worst and i saw people like everywhere. pardon me, i am exaggerating, but that was my expression when seeing a packed place...and you know that India is among the most populated country on earth? so does Java.

So, we spent quite a time on the road, once we left the airport and approaching our hotel in Old Delhi. we met Syib and Aniq who waited us at the side of one of the main road in New Delhi. Manooj told us that it'd be late if we wanted to have lunch in Old Delhi with the traffic condition that moment, hence we decided to stop somewhere. Manooj brought us to one of the fancy restaurants in New Delhi as there was not much options along the route we took. Nobody objected as all were hungry. We had a good lunch, where almost all of us got the first taste of India's mutton and chicken briyani. 

Once done with the lunch, the ride continued to Old Delhi. the traffic crept in and getting worst due to the narrow road and a lot of vehicles, mainly the rickshaws on the road. We finally arrived at our hotel - Tara Palace, which located at the heart of the Old Delhi, a walking distance to the busy streets of Chadni Chowk and the majestic Jama' Masjid. It was passed 4pm already, if i've not mistaken.

Old Delhi - almost everything about it brought me walked down the memory lane as i was travelling to Kathmandu. the continuous honking orchestra reminded me the busy street of Thamel. It chuckled me for a while, and i was in the moment before realized the group started to dragged the bags entering the alley that led us to our hotel. Mind you, because of the busy and narrow street, the bus had to stop in the nearby the junction of the street that led to our hotel. 

Chadni Chowk, Old Delhi etc. something about it made me felt restless for a while. it stunned me. i was finally at the other part of India, where people talked more about its hygiene, about poverty etc. regardless, the pace of life of this part of India spoke its own vibe that unique to the eyes of memographer like me. 

i know, the Janam-janam song that had been our soundtrack since we started the whatsapp group no longer hummed in my mind...the right tune probably the theme song of Outsourced! i really felt like Todd!



  1. Berapa semalam dok kat Tara palace tu?
    Akak ingat semula kenangan kat old delhi tu pun sesak otak ni ha....

    1. hehe..tara tu dok semalam jer kak.

  2. teringat la kt drama Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham bila baca tajuk Chadni Chawk nih..gituu
    dulu pernah belajar ada 16 jenis mixed traffics kat jalanraya india, tengok dalam drama pun, ya Ampun la haii

    1. gittewww...hehe...scene kajol main lari2 dgn srk dalam ujan kan? hehe

  3. Haiii agipp Khai niii!!

    Rindu lama tak baca blog dan berblogg

    Tapi aku dah kembaliii

    Plan nak ke India hujung tahun ni, boleh aku study postings ko..

    Heheh rindduuuu lama tak jengahh. Blog aku pun takde dah kat link sebelah ni hahahahah

    1. hahaha...pekabar wey? lama x dgr cite ko...aku pun dh unlink sbb dh lama tade cite..hehehe..jgn marah eh.nanti aku add balik. harap2 membantu la...stay tune :)

  4. Alhamdulillahhh sihatt


    Tula tahun lepas sibuk kahwin tak sempat update and link expired. Terus kena rebranding kali ni. Haha

    Ok yeayyy nanti add balikkkk

    Now I am back bro insyaAlllahhh


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