Memoirs of Rangoli ... (p2) - interlude

Chadni Chowk
Old Delhi, India
February 2016

among interesting sights along the street that led us to the busy part of Old Delhi from our hotel. we passed the stalls that selling clothes, shoes etc. that opened till night time. some of them (sellers) were ok for being photographed, while some just turned their face away.

Syib taught me to use my camera to its full potential. meaning, go MANUAL. even though i used and know about it before, that was the first time after a while, i was memo-graphing using manual setting - iso, aperture, shutter speed etc. luckily, i still could rely on the auto focusing.

i found it amusing. i mean...the process opened my mind that the right exposure doesn't mean the correct exposure i.e. at EV 0.0. it could be underexposed or overexposed images that brings the mood and story.

note: ok. am in the process of editing the pictures and just realized that all has to go another process - watermark. bear with me okeh?


  1. I bought the sandal so colourful sandal tapi yes benda tu tahan smpai airport chennai je then putus!! hahaha.. but it was cheap. Fair enough.

    1. hehe..kena beli banyak2 kot...hehe


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