Memoirs of Rangoli ... (p13) - interlude ... faces

Khari Baoli
Old Delhi, India
February 2016

the old man was standing at the side of the busy street of Khari Baoli. he was waiting to make a move to cross, and decided to have his cigarette. we were passing him, and Madan, if i've not mistaken, stopped in front of him, and gave a signal to photograph him. he just smiled and gave the typical head bobble - yes or no?

i changed my lens from the 35mm zeiss to my old sigma 105mm. i need to test and see the bokeh still play a justice to bring this old man features. the LAE3 helped me free from worrying about the aperture setting, but i had to play manual this time and the focus peaking did a tremendous help. Sony eh?

it had been a while for me, shooting with this focal length and the lens for portrait. i'd been playing with 35mm and 50mm for a while, or wider, but this time i had to adjust myself. i had to step back further to get him within the frame. the busy street of Khari Baoli needed me to be more careful...the traffic always not in your favor. once i managed to find my spot, i waited did the old man. i was overwhelmed by his cooperation. i mean, he just stood still, looking at our camera.

we got our shot. and bid farewell to kind old man. seriously, i don't recall whether he asked anything in return. we left the place, and walked towards the entrance of the main building of the market.
inside the main building of the spice market, we met with plenty of opportunities...memo-graphing the portrait of the workers of the market. like i mentioned before, despite their busy schedule... they were happy to entertain us that requested to memo-graph their faces.i kept on playing with my sigma. despite its lacking of coating due to the fungus that i had to clean few times before, hence affecting its contrast and saturation, the lens was quite a charm. 

it is a macro lens, but could do trick as a portrait lens too. 


  1. rajin agip angkut pelbagai jenis lense ya..dulu2 pernah try, tapi akhirnya semua saya jual..yang ada skrg cuma lense 18-105 tu aja :D

    1. zilla..sebab trip ni memang photo-trip..tu yang rajin bawak 2-3 lens. hehe. lagipun rugi oooo...india macam2 bole shoot.

  2. hebatla potraiture (betul ke eja) abam..
    macam aku ni, bila nak ambik gambar orang, mesti macam malu2 je nak mmintak izin haha


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