Memoirs of Rangoli ... (p1) - the unexpected

Jama' Masjid
Old Delhi, India
February 2016

why do i need to go this time? 
a question that played in my mind, upon deciding to embark on this so called journey. i was really in the blue, unable to speak my mind clearly on what has been bothering me, what did i want...and so on. i was hurt. hurt that being neglected and left out from the chapter. i need to distance myself, go somewhere that i could reflect, see and experience something new etc. cliche eh?

the departure date was about 2 weeks to go, and a quick email helped me to confirm there was still slot for me to join the group. and i made the decision that night, then straightaway made the payment for the deposit. almost everybody surprised with my sudden plan. crazy eh? 

things went as per plan after that...i mean the next day i went for the group briefing in Bangi, and then few days later joining the group, doing our visa to India etc. 

honestly, i didn't know what to expect, other than taking 100% on what the group leader told us, as the basis. this is the first trip to a totally new place/country that i didn't study and make any plan at all. period.

how had it been? i never regret my spontaneous decision about this trip. as vibrant and diverse the colours of rangoli...that was my memory. this sub-continent struck me for being so unique with its own charm and i love almost all of it. 

almost? obviously...

10 days at a glance... Delhi - Jaipur - Jodhpur - Agra with rarecation17.
India Gate
Jal Mahal
Hawa Mahal
Amer Fort
Mehrangarh Fort
Blue City Jodhpur
Osiyan Safari
Performers at Osiyan Safari Camp
Taj Mahal


  1. kau naik jugak gajah tu ? memang pakej ke or saja naik > kesian kan gajah2 tu kena solek dah mcm model simplysity je

    1. aku naik gajah tu...kena bayar extra...kalau tanak..boleh jer jalan kaki naik ke fort. pada aku xyah naek pun takper...sakit belakang naek gajah tu sebab seat dia ntah apa2...mengiring cam tu. pastu dia nye mahout tu..giler kejam mintak tips rm100 kat aku...puiiii

    2. Tips pun RM100? Pergh!

      Btw, smart seh gambar2. Stressed tgk tapi at least bolehlah walk down the memory lane, heh! Cuma Jodhpur tak sampai lagi.

    3. bang..dia main petik hundred ringgit...bila dia tau kitaorg dr malaysia. gaduh no..kasi 100 rupee jer. anyway..thanks. hehe..tgula entry ye..baru abes edit day 1 and 2 gambar.

  2. Haritu duk carik gajah nak naik tapi tak jumpa! Hahaha. So gigihla jalan kaki je naik atas...

    1. ooo ye ke...timing kot fida...sbb gajah ni cuma ada before 11am...pastu org beratur awal..before 830 rasanya.


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