Bali ... the 6th time charm

Kuta Beach, Bali
August 2015

we only had a quick walk around Kuta as we arrived at our hotel around 10pm, after had a good dinner at Yanto's house. As usual, a quick stop at hard rock store and then strolling along the Legian road, stalking people enjoying the night life there. 

the next morning, we only had half a day before Abg Ali came to pick us up, went for lunch and then went to the airport for departure. we didn't do much too, that morning, other than visiting the Kuta Beach, and then went again to the hard rock store to buy the t-shirt that i eyed on the night before.

i feel that my visit this time was a quick one, as we spent most time on the road, but then, i managed to tick-off snorkeling at menjangan from my to do list. we bid farewell to Abg Ali and as usual, my good bye would always have the 'Au Revoir' part, as i definitely will be back sooner or later.


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