a delegate abroad ... Victoria - the GOR and Grampian tour

McKenzie's Fall
Grampian, Victoria
November 2016

the morning started early for everybody, despite the long-day we had the day before. by the time i reached Ned's Beds kitchen, everybody was already there, enjoying their breakfast. i had to pull a chair and luckily the a chinese couple was kind enough to give me some space to join them at their table. i had only cereal and juice. it was too early for me to have more than that.

once done with breakfast, we packed up our stuff and put them into the carrier. Henning told us that we could start walk to the field nearby the place to see the kangaroos.the first one was spotted just around the corner..and as we walked further..voila..the they were like everywhere.

as the day became brighter...the pack left the open space and went back to the woods. we then left the place and rode to our first destination for the day was the Reed Lookout. we were lucky as being the earliest visitor of the place, and had it all to ourselves to enjoy the breathtaking view the look out offered.

we left the place after 20 minutes and then rode the coach towards the McKenzie falls.
it was quite an effort to go down to the base of the waterfall, but it worth...the view was superb. i set up my tripod and started doing my slow shutter thingy. 
i spent about 30 minutes there, memographing the place, and had a long chat with Henning and the couple that kind enough to me during the breakfast earlier. well...with my gopro, iphone, camera and tripod, they called me the gadget man. hehe.

i left McKenzie fall and decided to walk towards the Broken Falls lookout. 
once done with the place, we left for the Boroka Lookout. it was a gloomy morning hence explained my excitement was not that much to memograph the view.

we then rode back to Halls Gap and made a stop at the Brambuk Cultural Centre. A quick visit to learn about the history and culture of the aborigin.

we left Halls Gap around 11am as we had to reach one of the small town along the way back to dropped some of us who'd be leaving for Adelaide. sorry...my memory serves me really bad this time as i forgot again the name. we arrived there around 1pm, and then had our lunch there, before leaving the place back to Melbourne once part of the groups left with the bus to Adelaide.

Henning told us that he normally made a stop at a local bar for a farewell drink, but this time he decided to bring us for wine tasting, and it was agreed by everybody that left.

we left the winery around 3pm and rode back to Melbourne. it was another long ride, but i enjoyed it very much. the landscape of australia always amazed me, especially during a good day..with the blue sky etc.

we arrived Melbourne after 7pm, and Hennning dropped me at the Nomads where he picked me up for the trip the day before. i went back to my AirBnB place, to pick up my luggage. well...the host were kind enough to let me refresh myself - taking bath etc. before i made my way to the airport for the return flight to Malaysia.

overall...the 2 day 1 night trip was a good trip, eventhough it was quite tiring as you were covering more than thousands km, with a lot of stops within 48 hours. i had a great company, especially Henning as the driver cum the tourist guide. a friendly guy that made the whole trip such a fun. he reminds a lot on how Paul of my McBackpackers trip back then.

whatabout GOR and Grampian? beautiful place, but somehow feel a bit overrated. pardon me. well..checklist is ticked now.


  1. waaaa cantiknya gambar waterfall tu, agip...

  2. aku pun teruja tengok waterfalls tu

  3. hehe..tq zilla & azra. cantek tempat dia...


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