a delegate abroad ... Victoria - the GOR and Grampian tour (cont.)

Halls Gap
November 2015

we left Apollo Bay, after 40 minutes lunch break. it was still raining and the cold weather made an easy dose for everybody, except Henning to fall asleep. but it wasn't long, as we started to ascend and passing the rainforest part of the region, the bus made a turn and then stopped. it was our stop. Otway Rainforest. a guided walk through this rare and ancient rainforest of Victoria, and it took about 30 minutes if i've not mistaken. luckily, the rain stopped already orelse we'd be just in our coach.

interesting? hmm...oklah kot for us that stayed in tropical country, and for a guy that has been to the FRIM on and off etc.

as it was passing the lunch time, suddenly time became short. i mean, Henning spoke of we got to rush to get to the Halls Gap before the night fall to if we want to spot the kanggaroo. and mind you..we still have like few more stops to visit.
we quickly got ourselves onboard, and then continued our ride. our next stop - the crown jewel of the great ocean road, the twelve apostles. as like the day i visited the place before, it was packed with tourists...plus the weather wasn't as nice as before. a gloomy day. i still couldn't make any pack with others, and ended up spending time by myself memographing the place. luckily, i had gopro, courtesy of my brother who loaned it to me.

my mission that time was to walk down to the beach as i visited the viewing platform the day before, but i was quite disappointed to know that the Gibson Steps Lookout was closed. and guess what...it has been a while. i guess the authority just decided not to allow people to go down at all...probably for safety reason?...so i ended up wandering around the same place again.

 there was miscommunication incident when we were at twelve apostles. i waited for a while in front of the visitor centre of the place, as i recalled Henning told us to gather in front of it, after 40 minutes. but i couldn't see any of the group waited there. guess what..everybody went to wait straightaway on the bus, instead...and the whole incident just made me looked like a proper charlie. 

luckily, the visitor centre was the place that the coach had to pass before leaving the place, and i saw it came and as the door opened, everybody was like giving me a look...while Henning joked that they thought they lost me etc. i just gave them plain smile and still figuring out was i that received a wrong message? the fact that...Henning dropped everybody at the entrance, and then went to park...meaning..nobody knew where was the coach being parked. uhuhu. nevermind...

our next stops were - Lord Ard Gorge and London Bridge Arch.

we left the London Bridge and then made our way to the small town which i've forgot the name already, for dinner and buying some supplies before we retired for the day. 
it was passed 6pm already...and obviously all the shops around this small town closed already, except few diners and Coles' supermarket. i ended up having my dinner at McDonalds...and then wandering around and stopped for a while at Coles buying some food and drinks

then we continued our ride to Halls Gap...before we retired ourselves for the day at the Ned's Beds. it was almost dark as we ascending the road to the place, we managed to spot lot of kangaroos along the road. 

i shared room with 3 other guys - 2 from Hungary and 1 from UK. they were fine when i asked some space to do my jama' pray. it had been a long day for everybody, hence explaining the night ended up early for all of us. we didn't have long chat...just a quick one etc.


  1. Starlite looks much brighter in some part of the world (unluckily not in our country)... it is an imaginarium


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