a delegate abroad ... Victoria - the GOR and Grampian tour (cont.)

the twelve apostles
great ocean road, victoria
november 2015

perhaps, since it was  our first destination of the day, and we were on our earliest part/leg of the trip, hence explaining the everybody's moods that gloomy, as gloomy as the morning. despite friendly faces that everybody trying to depict, it was hard to strike a conversation. it was only Henning, that obviously in the momentum.

we left Urquhart Bluff beach, and continued our ride to our next stop - Kennett River for koala spotting. we made few stops along the way, including at the famous gate of great ocean road, as well as other few view points that Henning felt it was worth to be memographed. 

well...the koala spotting thing was a bit overrated for me, despite Henning's story about the forest along the great ocean road has been the main habitat for the animal etc. and kenneth river, which was also famous for a caravan site, supposed to feast us with a memorable time with the cute animal that lingering around etc. i only managed to spot one koala. and so did others. everybody flocking under the tree, and started to point their camera towards it. well...with my only 35mm, how much i could do? hehe.

we continued our journey and made a stop at Apollo Bay. a small town along the great ocean road with its own charm, and reminds me the peak districts and lake districts area of UK. anyway... john told me that i could eat at the only halal cafe in the town...but i couldn't spot the cafe, and we were given only like 45 minutes for lunch...and it was included in the package. eventhough i stated that i wanted halal meal, i don't think it was conveyed accordingly. well...i was the only muslim in the group, and luckily i managed to grab the tuna-sandwich before anyone else. 

we had our lunch at the park in front of the visitor centre of Apollo bay..and it was showering as we were about to finish our meal. we couldn't go that far as we only had like 15 minutes left...and most of us went to the visitor centre...to find shelter.


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