a delegate abroad ...Victoria - glancing Melbourne

Melbourne City
November 2015

as the title depicted, it was my another 'delegate abroad' moment. this time, i was luckily being asked by my senior to replace him on field trip. well...it was supposed to be a visit to Alberta, and he no longer prefer to travel on plane for such a long period, hence the suggestion for me to replace him came as a solution. in fact, i am more or less gonna take his position later, if happened that his contract no longer continue. but due to some circumstances mainly logistic - it was winter at the great white north, and the host company unable to entertain us, the field trip has been re-routed to the down under.

the first few days in Melbourne was packed. i mean..i didn't have much time to wander around due to the non-stop meetings at the CSIRO research centre and University of Melbourne, as well as the field trip in Otway. i only had chance for a quick wander after all works done, and since the city clock only ran till 5pm, more or less, i spent most of night time went to dinner, and even continued to discuss about work at my colleague's room.

even, i had one-free-day due to our flight schedule, all my plan to visit the places around the city went to drain as i had to accompany my colleague doing stuff etc. 

rugi kan? as i stayed in the CBD itself, and just stroll away from the attractions and trams etc.

seriously, i couldn't wait for the weekend of the trip as i extended my stay and booked the trip to GOR and Grampian. 

so..Melbourne in a glance..



  1. gambar kat sloppy's joe tu awek tu memang purposely ke or kawan kau tu agip?

    1. dia feeling2 australia next top model..terus pose bile tgk kamera tu...aku tgu dia blah dr depan sloppy joe tu. hahah


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