Memoirs of Rangoli ... - a prelude

Blue City
Jodhpur, Rajashtan
February 2016

perhaps, among the wisest decision i made while i was totally in blue. when people ditched me out from the life chapter, when people just taking me lightly. when a quote of 'entah bila lah' suddenly become a norm, clinging on will make you wasted.everybody seemed surprised with my decision, well mostly. for some, they're happy as they feel like they are off the hook. pasrah.

rangoli is an almost perfect representation of this journey's memoirs. a colourful odyssey more than usual, where i stopped and smelled the roses.

it'll be a while before the entry will be rolling on this blog, bear with me, as i still have Bali, Melbourne and Big Mango on the list. or you can follow my instagram for the anecdotes of the journey.

till then.


  1. oh tak sabar..

    * tidur atas kain sari ambik mood

  2. wow, ini ke projek mega tu agip?

    1. mega untuk saya lah zila...hehe biasa2 jer kot utk korang

    2. ehh apa pula biasa2nya agip..kira hebat tu dapat p india..saya ne berangan je mampu, tak bila nak sampai pun tak tahulah...nak p sendiri, takde kekuatan kot :D

    3. hehe..thank you. tunggu ye cerita nya


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