Bali ... the 6th time charm (cont.)

Menjangan Island
Pemuteran, Bali
August 2015

We finally arrived Pemuteran after a long journey from Gitgit. It was just an hour before sunset, if i've not mistaken. We checked in to our hotel and then went out with Abg Ali to scout for the snorkeling package. The hotel did offer to help in arranging the activity, but we decided to ride and pay visits to the dive shops along the road of Pemuteran, trying our luck for a cheaper deal.

A glaring thing that i noticed, all the dive shops were prejudice towards other than 'orang bule'. It is well noted that the place were favourite stopover for westerners, mostly backpackers, and i rarely see asian tourists around there, or even local tourists. Perhaps that was the reason we were given such a cold treatment from the dive shop.

We couldn't find any cheaper deal, hence decided to go back to the hotel and asked them to arrange for us. The price - 500k IDR per person for snorkeling at menjangan island, and was expensive. me and brother just decided to give it a go since, we'd be ticking off this from our checklist.
the day began early. i barely slept due to my health. my fever and sorethroat-cum-tonsil came back and i had to take my medicine. thankfully, it got better in the morning. we had breakfast at the hotel cafe and then waited for the van to pick us up to the dive centre. the hotel prepared us sandwich for our lunch, as part of the snorkeling package. at 8am, the van came to pick us up and then dropped us at one of the dive shops. we were given our fin and snorkeling gear. i brought mine this time, and only took the fin. we waited for a while, as there were few more to join. around 9am, we were taken to the jetty.
the ride to menjangan island took more than half an hour, and finally the boat stopped. the drama started, as i asked them about the life jacket. apparently, there was no life jacket provided by the tour group, and they told me that i should've told earlier. it struck me a while, as it looked like i was the only one that had that problem and need the life jacket. for me it was weird as that was the first time i encountered such thing. my brother didn't have any issue with that as he could swim without the need of the life jacket. the boatmen told me that i could use the buoy, but i resisted not too as i wasn't that confident to hold my life on it. the thing is, i can swim, but i am way below average as i am yet to master the art of floating. my problem became the talk for a while, between the boats as my boatmen asking other boats whether they have any extra. i lost my mood already, thinking that my 500k would be wasted just like that. 

after a while, suddenly my boatman approached the back of the boat and opened the compartment. that was it! the life jacket...but it was not in a good condition. he told me that that was for emergency only, but i could use it. well...that was quite a relief. finally i gotta to enjoy the water!

somehow, i came to many life jacket they have actually...and how many would works if there's emergency etc. erghhh. was time to jump!

totally awesome. but somehow there was not much fishes been seen. i wonder where they'd been? we took a break for lunch after an hour of snorkeling and then continued on the other side of the island. however, the 2nd part, where we swam in the water that closer to the open sea wasn't that enjoyable as the water was murky and we couldn't see the corals as clear as before. 

we finished when it was almost 1pm, if i've not mistaken and made our way back to the jetty for another 30 minutes boat ride. once arrived we were sent straight to our hotel and then checked out after we settled our jama' pray.

well...finally i managed to tick the box 'done' in my Bali's things to do. overall, it was a good experience...the corals were much better than what i'd seen in Amed before. but it was expensive..mainly because of the conservation fee that we gotta pay. i think i read it was actually half of the cost of the package. another thing, the life jacket incident..well perhaps..i should've checked earlier what was included in the package...when they said snorkeling gear etc.

we then rode back to Kuta via the southern road of Bali, passing Gilimanuk and Negara. the route was busier than the north road of bali as the road is better, and been used by lorries, buses etc. we finally arrived Kuta around 8pm...and went straight to Yanto's house. well...a dinner treat for us!



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