Bali ... the 6th time charm (cont.)

Pura Tanah Lot
August 2015

day 2 of the visit. we stayed within the vicinity of Tanah Lot Wisata area, hence giving us sort of unlimited access to the area. we could skip the entrance fee. but since it was a long day yesterday, my plan to go out early and shoot for the temple during the sunrise was not accomplished. we ended up staying on the bed after the subuh pray (eh...or we were overslept and had a late subuh ..hehe).

a quick breakfast - toasts with jam and butter, fruit salad and coffee, then we walked to the beach. it was still early, hence the place was not that crowded. gloomy day and no clear blue sky for the morning. we started to memo-graphing the place, more for Yasir and my brother. i'd been to this place for few times already, and the excitement was not that hype. well...i was actually looking forward for the sunrise, but all passed as we had a gloomy morning.

Yanto and Abg Ali already arrived as we were back to the hotel. It had been a while since the last time i met Yanto. my last trip only met me with Abg Ali as Yanto was waiting for his wife to deliver their son. 

We bid farewell to Yasir as he'd be going back with the afternoon flight, and thank GOD, the eruption thingy was no longer a major news. i heard no more cancellation of the departures that morning. Yanto drove him to the airport, while Abg Ali would be driving us for the rest of the trip.

We left Tanah Lot and made our way to Pemuteran. It'd be a long day, as we'd be having few stopover along the road. Our first stop was Bedugul, visiting the iconic Ulun Danu temple and trying the ayam bakar Taliwang. Anyway, the plan to stop and having a quick coffee at Saranam had to be cancelled as the hotel and the cafe were currently under rennovation. Too bad for my brother.
We left Bedugul after had our lunch and jama' pray. As we descending the road to Singaraja, i told Abg Ali about visiting the waterfall. The initial plan was Tjampuhan, the first section of GigGit, but we ended up visiting the multi-tier section which was a bit further down. But it was a wise decision. It was a hidden gem with almost no guest other than us and a group of 3 westerners. But the scam where we had to pay for the guide was quite a disappointment for me. Ah...lesson learnt. He was nice anyway...


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