Odyssey to South of the Clouds ... (p27) - adieu Yunnan!

Cui Hu Park
May 2015

we walked back to our hotel. it was around 1230pm already, and we had our jama' prayer after done with packing. we met Mei again at the reception and asked her about transportation to the airport. she told us that we could walk a bit further down the road and wait for the shuttle bus. we asked her to call for taxi, but apparently there was no such thing in kunming. i think she just too lazy to entertain our request. she told us we should go to the main road and stop any taxi from there.

well...we left the hotel, and dragged our luggage for a while, until we reached the main road. we just waved our hands to any taxi that we saw on the road, and luckily there was one that stopped. i asked the price to the airport...and of course we had to use the calculator to negotiate the price as the driver didn't want to use the meter. well...we finally agreed to pay RMB120, as we didn't want to wait longer. i mean..the taxi was stopping at the side of busy road and we had to close the deal..or wait for another one. 

finally..my odyssey to south of the clouds came to its end. 11 days that passed had been a memorable journey for me. well..my mega trip of 2015, perhaps. and i'm glad i have ticked off this from my 2015 wishlist. if i were to pick, i must say that my Tiger Leaping Gorge is the main highlight of my trip. probably i just love to be somewhere in the middle of nowhere, embracing the beauty of the nature. 

will i consider to come back? perhaps..another visit to Shangri-la and continue till Tibet? as i mentioned, i didn't have the chance to really explore and experience the vibe of 'The Lost Horizon' the place been said depicted. perhaps someday...

i know Yunnan has a lot more to offer, but because of the limitation i had along the trip...i had to pass a lot of thing. i hope i could come someday and visit the majestic red-valley and yuanyang rice terrace.

anyway, back when i was in Lijiang Old Town, wandering along the streets etc. the tune of Lijiang Drummer Song, was the anthem. it made the place so lively, and i guess, it had been my theme song for this odyssey...

thank you for reading...and enjoy the song.


  1. music drum tu mengingatkan akak akan lorong2 sempit tu!!! nanti akak nak upload versi akak pulak nanti... he hehehe

    1. haha..kan kak..dekat lorong2 sempit kat old town tu


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