Odyssey to South of the Clouds ... (p25) - Kunming (cont.)

city of eternal spring
May 2015

i only took a quick nap that afternoon, after we managed to check-in and settle our errant. honestly, i couldn't sleep, despite i was still feel the pang from the tiring journey last time. my adrenaline was kicking in, not to waste time, even though all the plan i had for kunming went to the drain. TI already in his rem, and i decided to went up to the cafe, and did some reading and plan for any alternative.

i met Mei at the reception, and asked her on what could i do for such a short period. she took out the map again, and then told me all the attractions within the city that i might be able to cover for that afternoon and tomorrow. once done, i went to the cafe, and ordered myself a drink, while figuring out what should i do next. Mei told me it was quite hot outside, if i were to walk to all the attractions that she mentioned, hence i decided to study the route to the closest attraction that i could visit. 

i can't recall much on what was the closest attraction from the hotel (other than the Green Lake), but i decided to ditch the plan and went back to the room. well...sleepiness crept in, despite i was having an ice mocha, and in fact, the place that i wanted to go would be close within the next 2 hours (it was around 3pm, if i've not mistaken). i figured out if i were to walk..and then counting the possible of lost and wandering...it'd be a while to reach the place ( i think it was the museum ), and i would be left with a short time to wander, and then go back to the hotel to meet TI, as we spoke about going to the city centre after asar.
anyway...as planned, we went out to visit the city centre and Jinbi Square that late afternoon. Mei told me earlier, it'd be in walking distance. but then, despite her flawless english, explaining to us the direction, i had to rely on the map on my phone. luckily i had the route downloaded for offline navigation.

as we walked along the Zhengyi Road, we saw the sign of the mosque. we made a quick stop, and then continued walking towards the end of the road, where the Jinbi Square located. 

we weren't that lucky. i mean from ASP experience, the Jinbi Square was really happening with people wandered around, and stalls selling food, including the halal mutton-satay. but when we were there, it wasn't like that. #kecewanakmakansataykamben
 we saw another buildings nearby the square, painted green and have domes like the mosque we saw earlier and walked towards it. i couldn't understand much the sign, but i took it as one of the famous mosques in Kunming..perhaps it was the Nancheng Mosque. anyway..the place looked happening with the halal eateries at the ground floor. i think if you wanted to be strolled away from halal eateries like this, you could opt to stay at the hump hostel, which located next to the gates of Jinbi Square.
 we went back to Jinbi Square, and went inside the streets next to it. there were stalls and shops selling local products and souvenirs. however, none managed to capture my interest...and honestly, i couldn't find any of the shops/stalls that selling the fridge magnet for my mementos. erghh...
we walked back towards Zhengyi Road, and then made a stop at the Starbucks nearby to buy the tumbler. we bought ourselves drinks, and then sit down outside the cafe, while figuring out the next place to go, while utilizing the free wifi.
Funny thing, Mei told us that we could go to one of the famous street in Kunming, if we wanted to visit the night market. i think she mis-heard us, as we were led to a street where all the night clubs were, after we walked almost half an hour from the Starbuck. anyway, nothing much to see, as it was still early. most of the clubs were still closed.

night clubs vs night market...huhuh

disappointed. more because of the half-an-hour walk was such a waste. we decided to walk back to our hotel. and it was another long walk...as we were now at different side of the city. luckily, the offline navigation was still working, and we managed reach our hotel safely. 

we made another stop at the muslim restaurant where we had our brunch earlier, to take away some food for our dinner. the brothers were excited to see us again and as usual, we had brief chat, despite the language barrier.
we had our early dinner at the yard next to our room, finishing the last pack of nasi lemak Brahims, and the black-pepper beef that we bought earlier from the restaurant.
we ended our night early, after did some packing and discussing on what to do tomorrow morning, before we left to the airport. well.because of the budget and time, we had to pass the plan to visit any attraction outside the city.



  1. Sian hangpa no.
    nak buat macamana. time akak kat situ melambak peniaga satay kambing tu depan kedai roti dan tepi dataran tu. enak n lazat tak terkira. hehe

    1. tu la kak...rasanya time tu cam tak berapa ok kot sebab nampak cam polis/askar dia all around etc. nak ambik gambar lompat2 beria sgt pun x brani. hehe


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