Odyssey to South of the Clouds ... (p26) - Green Lake park & old market

Cui Hu Park
May 2015

day 11th. it was our last day in this odyssey. it had been that long, and i was a bit regret as we had to cancel the plan to visit the must-see things in kunming like the stone forest, because of the matters told earlier. TI continued to sleep after our subuh prayer, but i decided to go out as i was planning to take photos of the morning at the Green Lake park nearby the hotel.

at 7am, the hotel entrance was still closed, if i've not mistaken and nobody was at the reception. i managed to asked the staff at the cafe to help me out, and finally made my way to the park. well..it was a weekday there, Wednesday, and the day of kunming's folks started early - to work, to school etc.

i crossed the busy road in front of the park, and was really surprised to see how lively the morning at the park. the local folks that didn't subscribe to any to-dos for the day, were like everywhere doing activities around the park.
other than those who went for their morning run, there were few spots people doing tai-chi, practising wushu (i assumed), dancing, playing music etc. and the most popular one - playing badminton. i think they even had this group exercise (mostly senior people) waving the rackets in sequence. i walked further, and on the other side of the park, there was a morning market selling local fresh product etc. well..it wasn't that big or many, but it was plenty along the street.

anyway...enjoy the pics.

anyway, i went to the park twice actually. once done with my morning walk, i went back to the hotel and then bought breakfast for us from the cafe. we had it at the yard outside our room. then we went out to visit the park again, as TI didn't join me earlier. this time, the place started to be swarmed with visitors, while the local folks still continuing their morning activities there. the shops already opened and there was a row of stalls that selling local products that could be bought as mementos. but my mission to look for fridge magnet there turned out to be a disappointment.
and i spotted a stall that selling halal food.

we left the Green Lake park, and then walked towards the city centre. the mission this time was to visit the old market of kunming. again, we were navigated using the offline google map that i managed to save. it took us about 30 minutes to reach the place. overall...the place happened to be below my expectation. fridge magnet - none spotted, but i bought few traditional fans for mementos. i was wandering also around the jade-market, to find a bracelet for my mum, but i couldn't find anything interesting for her, in fact the price was beyond my budget, mostly.

anyway...it was still an interesting market to visit. ah..at the pet/animal sections, they even selling the pet-pigs..huhu.

enjoy the pics.

we left the old market and was looking for our lunch, and finally i spotted a small stall selling the mutton satay...cost RMB5 per stick... well..lepas hajat lah..the taste was ok. probably we were not in hype for such meal.
along the street that we spotted this stall, there was few halal/muslim restaurants, and we decided to have our lunch at one of the restaurant. i remember we ordered this cashew-nut chicken and then a plate of fried kailan, but then the taste was just so so...i couldn't remember how much we paid, but it was a bit pricey compared to the muslim restaurant near our hotel.

once done with the lunch, we walked back to our hotel. it was time to pack, and leave for the airport!



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