Odyssey to South of the Clouds ... (p21) - the Yak Meadow (cont.)

the praying flags
Yak Meadow, Yu Long Snow Mountain
Lijiang, Yunnan
May 2015

a quiet afternoon at yak meadow of the national park. it was only us that disembarked from the cable car. the staff pointed us the exit direction, after we took note the last ride from the station, which was at 5pm, if i've not mistaken. the wind blew hard, and made us tighten up our jacket. it was cold up there.

we left the building, and was greeted by the breathtaking view of different sides of the majestic mountain. we saw the trail crossing the beautiful green valley. i saw few livestock wandering - the horses...but none of herds of others. i was expecting i could see yak there. probably, it was late afternoon already, they were done with the day.

we started to walk, along the wooden trail that surround the beautiful valley. we made a quick stop at the lonely Buddhist monastery, memographing the place. ah..the place reminded me very much of nepal, back when i was trailing the poon-hill trek of annapurna. 

enjoy the pics!

halfway of the trail, after almost 40 minutes walking, we met another group of 3 traveler. a quick smile and nod was sufficient, to tell that everyone was in zen moment, enjoying the breathtaking view, while memo-graphing with each DSLR. 
we finally made back to the station, after almost 1-hour walking along the wooden trail. we were fast, actually...as busy looking at the clock and worried that we might miss the last ride from the station. while leaving the valley, walking back towards the station, i saw herds of livestock wandering and moving from the other side of the valley, towards the barn near the monastery. ah..we just missed the moment.

we left the place. it was another 20-30 minute cable car ride and then hopped on the eco-bus that was already waiting at the parking area. the boy who greeted us earlier, was still there, and bid us a good bye.

our 40 minutes bus ride to the park centre was joined with few locals that lived along the road within the national park. i texted River to tell Chen that we were already on our way back to the park centre.
once arrived at the park centre, we saw Chen waving his hand from the ride. the car park was almost empty as everybody left already. i think the park is closed around 5-6pm, if i've not mistaken. i saw few taxis waiting for customers. we even were asked whether we wanted a ride or not. i guess this means that if you are planning to go by public transport, it is possible.

we left the national park, and went straight to the muslim's restaurant to have our late lunch. but it was late afternoon, and we had to bear with the traffic jam within the city before arrived at the restaurant. it had been a long day, and people could get cranky when hungry and stucked in a traffic jam like this. eheh.
we were thinking to order something different - TI wanted to have noddles, but communication was really a big hit. eventhough we had another customer who could speak little english to help, but we ended up having the steam rice, stir fry mushroom and mince meat. anyway, it was good, despite we couldn't get what we had in mind at first place. 
once done with the lunch, we went back to our hostel and had our rest. we didn't go anywhere far that night, other than wandering along the street nearby. both of us were tired. we only had a light meal at Robin's Diner for dinner, while enjoying the music and watching people strolling along Wu Yi street of the old town.

ah..we are leaving Lijiang tomorrow!


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