Odyssey to South of the Clouds .. (p22) - the Timeless Lijiang ... (cont.)

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lijiang old town
May 2015

it was our last day in Lijiang. we'd be leaving the beautiful old town by night train. one whole day and that was the time to kill. the long day yesterday ended with a pleasant time at Robin's diner and then a good sleep. i woke and got myself ready early that day despite there was no specific plan in my book.

after a while, i decided to grab my camera and have a morning walk around the old time. i told TI that we'd be meeting at Robin's Diner for breakfast around 9am. as i walked down the stairs, i was greeted by Allen who just in for the morning shift.

Ah...morning at Lijiang Old Town. before people from everywhere flocking every single streets of the beautiful city, before the sun warming up the place.

enjoy the pics.

i was really in my zen moment, and had been clicking my shutter button, countless-ly. i love morning at the old town - it was too calm, and other than the sounds of the water flowing along the canal, the sounds of kids going to school and the shop owners sweeping the streets in front of theirs. 

i walked further to the main square, with the hope to memo-graphing the local Naxi old ladies in their traditional costume that normally having their morning dance etc. (as i read), but i was not in luck. the square was empty. 

i looked at my watch and just realized it was already time for me to meet TI at the diner for breakfast.

till then.


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