life as it goes ... 2015

Urquhart Bluff Beach
Great Ocean Road
October 2015

2015. perhaps, it is still not too late to reflect and i really wanted to do it as i'd been missing the opportunity for the past few years. how things had been, how things should've been...and all the what if things etc. but then again, despite all the hypes - low and high, what happened towards the end, carry a lot of weight. probably because we are accustomed to the ending, like in a movie.

na life is not a movie. it is not a fairy tale either. it is too far from perfect. but the year started with a good term, that somehow gave me the motivation and strength to believe, it'd be another good year. i just had gone through a rough time towards the end of the year before, mainly things with matters that tested our family very much. it made me realized how much i was and am needed to be there, especially for my parents. amusingly... things feel like a cycle as Allah always tested us, and even this year, we had our low. it is heartbroken to see the tears of the people you love the most. but again, it always goes back to the hadith ' Allah will not burden you more than you can bear'.

fate let me to know new people closer. choice made me trying to be the best for them. a man to a lady, a brother to man, a friend to many, but none turn out to a good closure. some people always choose to leave. some, you have to leave.

probably, there's so much 'khilaf' that i owe for's hard. but i guess i will mend. as much i'd been doing for the past few years.

2015. still a good year to me. the 'rezeki' that Allah gave - job rewards, health, time etc. are precious. it allows me to do what i love - travel...and despite not all my long wishlist ticked yet. 

2016. what's in for me? 


  1. "some people always choose to leave. some, you have to leave" --> deep sangat nih
    all the best for 2016!

    1. hehe..mmg deep pun. tq btw...all the best to you too.


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