Bali ... the 6th time charm (cont.)

Gitgit Multi-tier Waterfall
Singaraja, Bali
August 2015

I'd been visiting the route since my first visit to Bali. Gitgit seems synonym as my favourite stopover. But this is my first time being brought to this multi-tier section. Yanto and Abg Ali have never mentioned about it before. We had always been to Campuhan section, instead. Probabaly, the place just missed out from their normal stopover.

It was a small junction, while descending Bedugul-Singaraja road, that led us to the entrance of the place. Ah...i couldn't recall the entrance fee, but it was reasonable...probably 10k IDR? but what stunned us was, we had to pay for the guide at 50k per person, if i've not mistaken. and that reminds me the sort of scam i experience back when i visited Madakaripura waterfall few years back. i mean, why do we need a guide if the trail-path was that clear? Abg Ali was in the car, hence left us a bit clueless to argue or even verify that. and my brother decided to proceed.

a short walk took us to witness another wonder of Bali. and i definitely in love with the place.


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