Odyssey to South of the Clouds ... (p20) - the Yak Meadow

Yak Meadow
Yu Long Snow Mountain, Lijiang
May 2015

River told us that we were ought to take another cable car to reach the Yak Meadow, but as our eco-bus made a stop after 20 minutes of the ride, i didn't feel right. i mean i saw people wandering around the nearby river, and i recalled i saw the sign showed that the Yak Meadow station still far away, not at right of the junction where the bus stopped. i asked the driver, and he mumbled something and pointed out to the crowd. i saw people queuing, and honestly i thought he was telling us that we gotta queue for another bus ride to the Yak Meadow cable car station.

We were actually at the Blue Moon Valley, and decided to straightaway joined the queue as we left the eco-bus. the Blue Moon Valley was not part of the plan, so if we were to wander there, it'd take our time and change the whole plan to visit the Yak Meadow. it took a while, as the queue was quite long and everybody wasn't no longer in proper line. we sorta have to squeeze ourselves while moving, just to ensure nobody overtake us. well...people can be barbaric and selfish. the good thing is, the eco-bus was on-time, and once one was fulled, another one already arrived to pick-up the visitors.

we were finally among the front, and went straight to the eco-bus as told, when it arrived. but i think the staff was miscounted, as apparently me and TI had to sit on the floor as we were on the bus.
the bus left Blue Moon Valley, and as we were sitting on the floor, in the middle of the bus, we couldn't see much the route. but TI suddenly tapped my shoulder and quoted ' eh...kita ni patah balik ke?' apparently, yes. the eco-bus that we were on, actually was riding back to the park centre, and that was when we realized there'd been misunderstanding - with Chen, with the driver etc. we lost our 1-hour just like that.
the ticket counter and the bus to the Yak Meadow cable car station was actually located at different building and it took a while for us to figure out the direction. 

the ticket for the cable car to Yak Meadow cost about RMB65. the eco-bus ticket was already paid when we bought the glacier park ticket, and it was day-ticket, not per trip ticket. the lady at the counter told us that we gotta to go to building next to the ticket counter and look for the sign for the Yak Meadow eco-bus station. 
ok. the place seemed quiet and we saw only few visitors wandering within the building. we followed the sign, and guess what, it was only us that actually going to the Yak Meadow during that time! the bus just arrived, and would only be departed another minutes as the driver apparently taking a short break. me and TI decided to wait in the bus.

finally the driver came, and took a peek. he mumbled something - probably just chuckled as seeing only two of us being his passenger this time. i just gave him a nod and smile. the bus departed from the park centre and the whole journey took almost 40 minutes. it passed the Blue Moon Valley and went further up of the hill, riding on few parts of the road that were on gravel, construction etc. 
ah. the place was quiet with no sign of crowd as we had back at the park centre and the glacier park. it was only me and TI, if i've not mistaken. after a while the bus left the place and we walked towards the station. a local guy who was selling drinks and snacks, excitedly greeted us. ah..he could speak english...and was asking where were we from. he kept guessing, and as he got the answer right, he showed us the RM1 note that he got from the previous visitors.we left him and walked up the stairs to the station. there was only few staff around the station, and we went straight to the ride.
a quite afternoon ride with almost all rides moving on opposite direction were empty, meaning not many people were up there.

it took about 20 minutes to arrive at the Yak Meadow, and again, quietness greeted us, other than the sound of the empty cable-cars arriving and leaving the station. we walked out, and voila...presented by such breathtaking view of the place!


  1. ingatkan Yak meadow tempat tengok yak..
    tapi view mmg awesome gila, gasakla tak nampak Yak pun

    1. ekceli memang ade livestock cam yak, kuda etc. cuma time kitaorg g ari tu ade kat belah valley lain..bukan kat area kitaorg jalan. area kitaorg jalan nampak kuda jer


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