Odyssey to South of the Clouds ... (p19) - the Lijiang Impression

Lijiang Impression
Yunnan, China
May 2015

Impressive! yes..it may sound exaggerating. despite i was lost in translation due to the language barrier, everything seemed intact enough to let my emotion, flowed with the storytelling. i didn't do any reading about it, but my interpretation of the show that separated by 5-6 acts, was local tale of young love, crossing the land and mountain, while at the same time demonstrating the traditions and lifestyles of the Naxi, Yi and Bai peoples of the area.

i was awed with the open-air stage, that stood impressively at 3100m a.s.l with the breathtaking Yu Long Snow Mountain being the background. nevertheless, i am in no way disregard Zhang Yimou's magic touch on this epic scale production - more than 500 locals! 

Chen brought us to meet a lady that held our tickets for the show as we arrived at the park centre. After paying RMB190 for each tickets, we walked straightaway to the entrance of the open-air auditorium as the show was about to start. ah...almost half of the seats were occupied as we were in, but we managed to find a good seat, located in the middle. 

it was passed 11am, and while there was few more people being ushered to the seat, the first beat of the music began, filling the air. so it began!

enjoy the short-vids and the pics. :)

the 2-hours felt fast, as i was enjoying the show that much. well..perhaps you should take this with a pinch of salt, as TI was only quoting 'oklah' as i was busy clapping as the casts wrapping up the show. hehe. other than justifying the RMB190 that i paid for the show, i stand on the premise it was still a great production.the open-air stage and the music, perhaps two most engaging factors in this equation.
we left the auditorium and met Chen at the entrance of the park centre. he sort of rushed us, to follow him for our next place to visit - the Yak Meadow. we walked fast, and i just felt weird as i saw the Blue Moon Valley signage as we passed the stairs the led us to the waiting area for the eco-bus. Chen mumbled something  and we just gave him a nodded, assuming that we'd be meeting again at the entrance of the park centre later.

to the Yak Meadow!



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