Odyssey to South of the Clouds ... (p16) - the Black Dragon Pool

Lijiang Old Town
May 2015

we left Lion Hill and walked down the narrow street that led us back to the main square. i asked TI whether he wants to grab something before we proceed to the Black Dragon Pool, as thought it'd take a while before we could have our lunch for the day.  we wandered for a while, and saw McD. we went inside and looked for the menu. i was still not in the mood for lunch and decided to skip, so did TI. i told him, better to pack at least the fish-burger so that he could have it later, but he decided not to.

we wandered around the streets near the main square and arrived at the food court. well...despite that few things looked tempting and eatable, but none of us dare to try - more because of 'was-was'. imagine the fried mushroom-tempura, next to the deep-fried bacon strip etc.


we stopped at one of the stalls, and saw the coconuts being carved in such a creative way. cute eh? we bought the coconut-milk drink from the stall to quench our thirst, before further walked to the Black Dragon Pool.
we walked towards north along the canal from the water wheel at the main square of the Old Town and finally arrived at the entrance of the Black Dragon Pool after 15 minutes. we paid the entrance fee of RMB80, which is actually for the Old Town Preservation fee which will cover the Old Town and few other attractions. 

anyway, i have a mixed info about this matter, as i read some was able to pass through the gate without paying anything. 
so, we made it to the Black Dragon Pool. we were just a bit unlucky as the Moon Embracing Pagoda was under restoration work with the scaffolding all over it etc. it did took away the vibe of the postcard-pictures that always depicted if you googled about the place.

i had a good view of the place from the other side of the pool/lake. and with the clear blue sky and Yu Long Snow Mountain at the back, i'm ticking off my postcard-picture of the place from my list. well...albeit the fact that mentioned earlier on the Moon Pagoda. 

we walked further up to the north gate of the place, and saw this beautiful path.
TI started to ask about lunch, and it pang me a bit as i told him earlier to pack something first, knowing it'd be a while to walk back and find the place where we could eat lunch. we left the north gate of the Black Dragon Pool, and walked south to the Old Town. Luckily i saw a bakery, and we made a stop there and bought some bread to eat.

as we arrived at the Old Town, we decided to go back to the restaurant that we went the day before and had our lunch there. it was a hot day, and the bread we ate earlier seemed not enough, and both of us were a bit cranky, dealing with the staff when ordering the food - TI wanted to eat noddles, and apparently they didn't serve it. we ended up having the same meal - beef soup, steam rice and fried vegetable, for our lunch.

once done, we walked back to our hostel and had a long rest before went out again, wandering around the Old Town.



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