Odyssey to South of the Clouds ... (p15) - the Lion Hill & around

Lijiang Old Town,
Yunnan, China
May 2015

it was our 7th day in Yunnan, and because of the change of plan, we had a whole day to discover the old town and its surrounding. the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain trip had been shifted to the next day. 

the free and easy day really made my day. it had been kind a rat race for the past few days, moving from one location to another, and each day would be filled with activities if we were not on the road. this time, i had the opportunity to spend more time on the comfy bed and breathing the calm morning of the old town, despite rushing for any look ahead.

fun fact about Lijiang Old Town from wikipedia

despite it was a long weekend in China, and we'd seen how packed the place was the night before, the occupancy rate at the hostel didn't tell much of the vibe. probably as what River told us, most of local tourists chose to stay outside the old town, which happened to be at cheaper rate, and flocking the area during the day till night time. obviously, most of his guests normally foreigners, like us. eheh.

TI was still in his rem cycle, after had his subuh, while me, being a morning person decided to step out and enjoy the calm morning, while watching the locals strolling along the empty streets of the old town. after a while, TI already on his feet, ready for breakfast, and we decided to have it at Robin's Diner, which unofficially being the hostel's cafe.
it was still early, but the place already opened to receive its guest. we met Robin, the owner of the diner, cum the cook and the waiter (some times) of the cafe, cleaning up the front yard of the cafe, and arranging his blackboard etc.  we were warmly greeted and handed over the menu. it didn't take long for us to decide as knowing how limited the options could be - we just settled with the typical toasts, eggs and salad set, with hot coffee  or tea.
knowing it'd be a while before the food arrived, i went to the bookshelf near the reception and scouting for something interesting to read. i saw a lot of travel's books, mostly the old / 2nd hand copies, probably left by the other travelers. i grabbed a copy of Insight Guide - Southern China from the top most shelf, and back to my seat. 
Robin's been went in and out from the kitchen for a while, smiling at us and sort of notifying the food was on its way. anyway, one thing that i loved about the diner was the ambient. it was cozy and after a while, the sound of cover-version  of today's hit songs filling the air, as Robin decided to play his mp3s list from the laptop the cashier counter. 

and finally, our breakfast arrived. and it was really good. i just loved the toasts and the salad prepared. 

Allen was already awake, as he took the morning shift from River. he greeted us and went to the kitchen to see Robin, and then back to his desk doing his errant. after done with breakfast, and went back to our room to get our stuff. i had a quick chat with Allen, asking on the Black Dragon Pool direction, and also where was the highest point that we could view the old town. He told us that we could go to the Lion Hill and visit the Wangu Tower to view the place, and then walked to the north of the waterways to reach the Black Dragon Pool.
we started to stroll the Wu Yi street, heading to the west of the old town. well...it was around 10am, if i've not mistaken and most of the shops were just about to open, and the early-bird tourists started to flock the street. it wasn't that packed like the night before, yet.
we arrived at the main square of the old town, and it was bustling with the tourists, tour agents etc. already. i was a bit lost, as had to entertain the persistent greetings from the tour agents, despite our language barrier. we continued to walk, leaving the square and finally saw the signboard that led to the Lion Hill.
it was a short 'hike' , passing the old houses and shops, before reaching the entrance to the top of the Lion Hill. there was an entrance fee of 50yuan, if i've not mistaken. we were a bit contemplating to proceed, at first, as Allen didn't warn us about this.

well...we had came that far, and to decide not going, probably just made everything feel like a waste. hence we paid. but only to know that later, you also could opt to enjoy the view of the old town from the roof-top cafe around the hill, actually. a drink would cost you less than paying the entrance fee. uhuh..

nevertheless, the entrance fee allowed us to enter the Wangu Tower, that stands tall at 33metres high at the top of the hill, which gave us a 360 degree view of the old town. and it was a beautiful day indeed! with the clear blue sky, and we could see the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain too from the tower. anyway, the tower itself, has no significant historic value, from what i read. it was built solely as tourist attraction for the old town.

enjoy the pics!


  1. bumbung2 nampak so dekat2 between each other. Boleh dengar jiran sebelah menyembang agaknya hehe
    gambar bawah breakfast pic tu nampak macam bukchon village pun ada

    1. haha...sgtla cik kiah kalau bersembang thru tingkap. btw..x penah pegi bukchon village...but rasanya memang typical old town negara oriental ni cam tu kot structure dia. hehe

  2. Cantik rupanya bandar2 di China ni... it is an eye opening to me, just by reading this blog, and I love it.... I have no idea China is as nice as Japan or Korea....glad that I found this blog... nice writings and photos... I enjoy reading it... keep on writing bro!

    1. thanks bro. old town/ancient town in china neh memang cantek2. btw...you are very kind, thanks a lot for the comment...and InsyaAllah will keep on writing..even selalu malas..hehe


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