Odyssey to South of the Clouds ... (p13) - the Timeless Lijiang ...

Timeless Hostel
Lijiang, Yunnan
April 2015

another almost 2 hours journey, finally took us back to the Lijiang bus station. like before, we were busily greeted by the local tour agents and drivers as we left the entrance. i quickly walked to the taxi that parked at the side of the road. i spoke to the guy who stood next to the taxi, and showed him the print out of the address to the hostel that we booked.

he spoke something and then asked us to follow him. that was weird, as we were actually leaving the taxi, instead of being invited to ride. he stopped at one of the cars parked at the side of the road, and opened the boot for us, as we entered the car, there was a woman and a kid sitting at the front passenger seat. he mumbled something to the woman (which i believe his wife) and then started to drive.

apparently, he was one of the locals that we in malaysia called as 'prebet sapu'. as he quoted a reasonable price to us i.e. RMB20 for the ride, we agreed to proceed. it was not a bad experience, despite my worry that he would just gonna leave us at side of the road etc. of nowhere etc. he drove us to the north gate of the old town, where the Timeless Hostel that we booked was closer to reach, as the authority imposed strict rules not to allow private vehicles to enter the streets within the old town.
ok. we had to walk and drag our luggage for a while, not only because of the streets were like a maze, but also the signboard were mostly written in chinese. we had to stop and ask, and finally made it to the Timeless Hostel of Lijiang.

Alan gave us a warm welcome, and chuckled as listening to our story mazing the streets to find the hostel. he admitted, it was a bit tricky, but Timeless hostel was actually among the easiest to find compared to others that reside further inside the old town.

the check-in went quick, and then Alan told us that our room located at the top most floor of the building. it cost us RMB160 per night, and looked really good. perhaps because it was not the cheapest room available there. the beds were comfy and the bathroom, well... as you can see from the pictures below.

anyway, for guys like us with gadgets thingy, the room has plenty of charging points, it even has a number of usb charging ports readied.

breakfast was not included, but we had our daily at the Robin's Diner, which apparently happened to be the hostel's cafe.

there was common area for self dining, computer and printing, laundry room, and shared toilet and bathroom. one thing that really lighten up TI's mood was, as Alan told us that we could use the pc to access our google account etc. as they have the VPN connection.

meaning that, he could access his facebook!

we had a quick rest, then settled our jama' pray and then went down to the reception, to ask Alan about buying the train ticket to Kunming. he helped us to search the ticket through the internet, and guess what, our worst nightmare became reality.

it was actually a long weekend in China, hence the train ticket was sold out for the night that we plan to leave Lijiang. we tried for the next night, and apparently only hard-seat and standing tickets available. Alan tried to search for the bus tickets and there were available tickets during the morning that we plan to leave, and also the next day, but it'd cost us RMB250.

our thought at that moment - it was too expensive, as we could get a soft-sleeper train ticket for the same price. the thing is, we didn't aware that it was a sleeper-bus ticket, and not the seating-bus tickets for the 9 hours journey from Lijiang and Kunming. Alan didn't mention that to us and our conversation later was more on whether to buy the hard-seat tickets or not.

he just chuckled as sharing his experience travelling with the 'standing-ticket' thing, and it was definitely a no-no. well...guess what, without further asking, i was only imagining that it'd be an empty coach without any seats.
Alan told us the hard-seat tickets that available on the next two nights were selling fast and told us to buy it at the ticket-office just outside the old town, instead of going to the train station. we did our math, and with one more night to stay there, we had to balance back our budget, hence agreed to go for the hard-seat tickets.

we asked Alan about muslim's food and he told us that there'd be few eateries along the way to the ticket-office. 
we went out and then start hunting for the food, as well as the ticket-office. we saw two muslim's owned restaurant as we walked along the road next to the north gate of the old town, and finally reached the ticket-office.

as expected, the tickets were selling fast, and we managed to grab the last few ones. once done with the train tickets, we walked back to the restaurant and had our late lunch. as usual, sign language had to be the medium, and the cook brought me to the kitchen and showed me what was available, and what could be cooked etc.
late lunch obviously had its placebo, where everything tasted that good. the beef soup had its zing. we paid around RMB40 for the meal, and it was quite pricey, in my opinion.

we could stomach the price of the proper late-lunch that we had in Shangri-la earlier, because we asked for the Yak meat, but this once was just a bowl beef soup as main.

anyway, we walked back to the hostel after the late-lunch, and decided to stay at the hostel and chillax while waiting for the night.



  1. gambar first tu mantap gila.

    lawa bilik

    1. tq meng. bilik paling mahal kat situ rupenye...seb baek harga reasonable.

  2. Ada VPN code kat TH? Untungla...dah boleh masuk fb. Rasanya masa akak hari tu tak de lagi...kat Dali baru akak berhubungan dengan rakan2 di alam fb tu...

    1. yeap. ade kak. eksaited la member saya tuh. seb baekla saya xde fb bagai...

      hehe. tp ade baeknye gak kak ade vpn tu.. sbb saya kena tukar date hotel kat kunming..and semua urusan guna google mail.

  3. Agip! Cantiknya beli dia weii! And they even got the VPN Connection? Wow! And I got tempted with the photo of your meals too!

    1. zara...hostel..tp bilik stended hotel gakla. yeap..luckily ade VPN...senang sket nk bergoogle bagai.


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