Odyssey to South of the Clouds ... (p12) - road to Lijiang

Lijiang Old Town
Yunnan, China
May 2015

Other than missing the opportunity for star-gazing because of i was tired due to the hiking, the days at Tiger Leaping Gorge were well spent. i mean, we were totally in our zen moment there, after the altitude sickness thingy and the dry-and-bland atmosphere of Shangri-la, and the 30hours journey bla bla bla. we got up at usual time the next morning, without any rush as the bus would be arriving at the guest house around 11am. enough time for us to enjoy our breakfast and do last minute packing.

breakfast was simple with another round of Naxi Bread and egg. but this time i had our 3-in-1 horlick, instead of ordering the black-tea. the polenta was so not my thing. bland, and we had our last portion of serunding daging to accompany our breakfast that morning. 
i wasn't that worried when we ran out of the serunding thing , as knowing that it'd be easier to get halal food once we reached lijiang. in fact we still had few packs of brahims' instant curry etc.
ah...btw, other than the local bus that going to pick us up at 11am, we actually could opt for the shuttle bus that runs between Tina Guest House and Lijiang Old Town. but because of the timing was a bit off, we decided to ride on the local bus.

the staff of the guest-house told us that we could wait at the entrance, and we had few guests also leaving with us. wait...as i counted, i think we had quite a number of guests, who actually going to ride. and as the bus arrived, i think only 3-4 person able to get into the bus, despite all the tickets had been bought.

a bit of drama for most of us, as the communication/argument between the guest house staff and the bus driver was in chinese, and we just had to wait for a while, and then suddenly the staff told us to get into the minivan and then follow the bus.
ok. what i could summarized - most of the passengers that currently onboard (locals) would get off once they reached Qiaoutou, and we'd be continuing our journey to Lijiang on the bus from there. 

well...as long as we were not being cheated.

we met a young couple from states, i think they told me they were from california. both were on a long trip to asia and had been in china for few weeks and heading to malaysia soon. ah..the boyfriend was an american-chinese, but never master the art of the language. he just chuckled when being asked about that.
the guest-house minivan drove us till Qiaoutou, and then we continued our journey with the bus. the good thing was, the driver waited to ensure no -one left behind. apparently, once we reached Qiaoutou, half of the passengers that rode from Shangri-la left the bus, and allowed our big group to join the ride. we and the couple got the back seat. it wasn't that comfortable, with the dustbin around, and i had to bring my backpack with me. TI managed to squeeze in his trolley bag into the luggage compartment this time.
it was a 3-hour journey to Lijiang, and the bus made a brief stop at resting area. it wasn't that proper compared to our RnR. i just went out from the bus, to stretch my legs and then wander around. there were stalls selling the ginseng and herbs, local snacks, drinks etc.

we saw the ladies - i think from europe, bought this potato wedges thingy, and asked them about the price and how was it taste...then decided to try. so did the states couple. i spoke to the guy and he told me that they went to the southern part of Yunnan, before went to the Tiger Leaping Gorge. they stayed there for a while to see the Yuanyang Rice Terrace. and it struck me, because it was one of the must do things that i did not manage to put on my itinerary.

ok. the potato-wedges was good. we asked for not too much chili powder as afraid it might give us more than what our stomach could handle. it was still half of a journey to go.



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