Odyssey to South of the Clouds ... (p11) - by the river i walked (cont.)

Tiger Leaping Gorge
Yunnan, China
April 2015

we continued our hiking towards the next big rock at the river bank. and i think it was the furthest that we could go as the was no more clear trail seen there. there were few roadblocks by the locals ahead, where we had to pay to cross the bridge etc.

we crossed this hanging bridge after paying another 15 yuan to the local that sort of guarding the place. and guess what? it was raining as we reached the big rock, well...it was actually heaps of big rocks. if you can see from the picture below, it is closest to the furthest hut you can see.

we managed to shelter ourselves there and waited for a while. once the rain stopped, i set up my camera and tripod and did the slow shutter thingy, and then continued memographing the place with TI. we spent quite a while there, having our snacks too and enjoying the sound and view of these breathtaking vibe that nature offered.

it was passed noon already as i looked at my watched, and we decided to make our way back, via the same trail. as mentioned earlier, we didn't plan to take the sky ladder.

we took it easy with the pace as the energy was pretty much drained. we were now 'climbing' up, instead.

we took a rest at the first viewing platform that we encountered along the trail earlier. bought red-bull drink to restore back our energy as there'd be another stretch of  hiking up the hill that we had to deal with.

we continued to walk and made to the road around 2pm, and then continued walking towards our guest house. we made another stop at one the little-cafe next to the cliff, before the bridge, having another drink while catching our breath.

we made it to the guest house around 3pm. my iphone showed that we'd been walking/hiking for almost 20km for the past 6 hours. after resting for a while, i went to the cafe and bought bowls of steam rice and we had our late lunch with brahims' curry and sambal ikan bilis.

after cleaned up ourselves and had our jama' pray, everybody went into own rem cycle. obviously, it had been a long exhaustive day for us. but i enjoyed it very much. the trail is actually doable for everybody and it just a matter of how far you want to go, and we did as far as the trail led us to. 

we had early dinner that night, and then i booked our transportation to Lijiang for the next day. there'd a bus passing the guest house on the next day around 11am. anyway, the plan to do sky gazing was not materialised, as i decided stay inside. 

again...it had been a long day.


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