Odyssey to South of the Clouds ... (p8) - between the two mountains

between the two mountains,
Tiger Leaping Gorge, Yunnan
April 2015

i would rate the white water terrace for 5/10. i mean, at a smaller scale (i think so) than the look-alike one in Turkey, and you could spend less than an hour to wander, it seemed to be quite an effort to make a trip only for it, either from Lijiang or Zhongdian. a 3 hours journey from each, mind you.but for us, the place is in the middle of our route to Tiger Leaping Gorge, hence made it worth a visit.

we left the terrace, descending the hill and then met our driver at the car park. i took a peek inside the van and saw few bags and stuff belonged to others in it. the driver mumbled something to me and then passed his mobile phone to me.

the staff of Tina Guest House was at the other end of the line, and told me that there'd be another group of people joining us for the ride to the guest house. we had some miscommunication actually, as i took his words, telling me that they are a group of students, and didn't have much money and would share the cost of the transport, but at lower portion than us. TI got mad and disagreed with the 'assumed' arrangement, but i told him let us talk to the staff once we arrived at the guest house.

the group of 'students' was actually at the water terrace with us earlier, and they finally came back after a while. they were locals from other parts of China, which i didn't recall.

anyway, another drama. we insisted to depart for Tiger Leaping Gorge immediately as it was noon already, while the group was actually had something else in mind, perhaps having lunch first at one of the restaurants at the village (i assumed), and we had our non-english speaker driver to be the mediator between us and the group. 

the so called 'drama' lasted for a while, and guess what, despite one of them actually able to speak English ( we discovered that as she spoke to TI during the ride), they didn't try to tell us directly, but kept mumbling to the driver.

in the end, all agreed to depart for Tiger Leaping Gorge.

it was another 2 hours journey to the Tina Guest House, which located at the middle-Tiger Leaping Gorge. anyway, the driver, made a few stops at the scenic points throughout the journey, where we could view and memograph the breathtaking scenery of the route.

we finally arrived at the entrance of Tiger Leaping Gorge, and made a stop at the park office to buy the entrance fee which cost 65 yuan.

another short journey took us to our lodging for the next 2 nights, Tina Guest House.

we met the staff, and managed to clear the misunderstanding we had with regards to the transportation cost from Bai Shui Tai to the guest house. the cost was divided and paid equally by all of us and saved us a lot. yeay.

we did nothing much that afternoon. after checked in into our room, we had Brahim's nasi lemak for our late lunch, and then took a rest for a while.

we went out wandering around, that evening. as what ASP quoted, the place, indeed so calm and quiet.

we went back to the guest house after a while, and bought steam white rice, to be eaten with our leftover nasi lemak's sambal, and brahim's chicken curry for our dinner.

we bid farewell to the night, early, as the next day would be a long day for us with the plan to hike etc. 



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